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Monday, February 24, 2014

More Florida Fashion

A few more outfits for you from the last few days of my Florida trip:
Gap top: thrift $4
Old Navy skirt: $4
belt: thift $2
Levity wedge sandals: thrift $4
Total Cost: $14

I thrifted this top for my mom for only $4!
(she did NOT buy the leather chaps!)

I got this gorgeous skirt for my mom. I thrifted it for only $4!

Merona top: thrift $4
Cache' skort: thrift $4
levity wedge sandals: thrift $4
Total Cost $12
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  1. Love a good never know what you may find!

  2. Your mom is such a beauty! What a great trip. (And the chaps made me LOL.)

    1. Yes, she is! she will be so excited you said that! The chaps made us giggle too!

  3. I enjoy your blog so much and I love your haircolor!! I have been to 7 different colorists in my area and all have failed in getting me bright red. I wish I lived close enough to your colorist. I have finally figured out what I need to do dye mine red by watching a ton of you tube videos. I did a strand test and it looks good. However, the only thing holding me back is I am a little hesitant about the reaction I will get from people at work and church. I have changed my hair color several times, so it is not like they have not seen it different colors, but for some reason I am a little nervous about it. I have had it reddish brown, but never bright red like I am planning. What kind of reactions did you get when you first colored yours red?

    1. Everyone loved it but it does get a lot of attention! I'm the type of person that if I like it I don't care what anyone else thinks! I've noticed funny reactions fro my older clients and relatives- they say oh that's good for you or my grandma just looked at it and said she misses my blonde hair- which is my natural color but haven't been blonde in over a decade! It always takes a minute to get used to something drastic. If you want it you should do it and not worry about what people think!

  4. Your mom is adorable! I love those sandals. They seem like they go with everything.

    1. Yes, she is! I always pack these sandals when traveling because they really do go with everything!

  5. You always find the most interesting pieces of clothing! So iconic and fun! I always look forward to seeing new outfits you put together! ^_^