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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday: Louisville Edition

Hi Everyone! Here are the items I found while thrift shopping in Louisville this week. 
Whenever my husband and I travel we always try to hit up a few thrift stores in that city. We made it to one Goodwill and I have to say it wasn't nearly as nice as the ones in Columbus, Ohio where we live but I still managed to find some treasures! The prices were really good- very comparable to what I'm used to- most clothing items were $3 and dresses were $5! And of the 5 clothing items I bought, 3 of them were new with tags still on. So overall, it felt like more of a hunt to find nice things but they were there if you looked hard!
 Jolt jean jacket $3
love the southwestern print!
 Brand New With Tags Eyelash Couture peplum top $3
size M- will be selling this one- it's unfortunately too big!
 American Apparel tank $3
 This tank was too funny- I couldn't resist!
 Brand New Nine West tribal print dress $5
size 8- will be for sale!
Brand New With Tags Antonio Melini dress $5
org sold for $159!
the picture doesn't do this dress justice- it's a fun lime green color! can't wait till it's warm enough to wear it!

We also went to a vintage store in a suburb of Louisville called Nitty Gritty. It was a really fun store! My hubby liked it a lot and found several shirts. I didn't get anything- couldn't find anything small enough to fit me or that I couldn't live without. Also, when you are used to thrift shopping vintage stores can feel expensive and I felt like everything they had was similar to stuff I find while thrifting.

Any Favorites?

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  1. I like the tribal print dress the best! That lime green dress will look awesome on you-will be fun to see what you put with it!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I can't wait to wear the lime green dress!

  2. I absolutely adore that denim jacket. The little bit of print just makes it so unique but it is still neutral enough to go with many outfits. I didn't think I needed a denim jacket but seeing this one is really giving me a craving!!

    1. I didn't think I needed another denim jacket either but the print won me over!

  3. Girl, that denim jacket is SO cool! Louisville is about an hour from us, so I don't know why we don't go. I'd also really like to start going up to Cbus regularly to thrift. We live in Florence, but I feel like there's nothing here!

    xo Ashley

    1. You should come to Columbus- the thrift shopping here is awesome!

  4. I really like the jean jacket and the nine west dress. I recently thrifted a jean jacket-not something I would usually wear, but I love that thrifting lets me try out completely different looks for a minimal monetary commitment! :-D

    I love how you put all your looks together. And your make-up is just great. Can't wait to see how you put these outfits together.

    1. Thanks Kaylyn! I love that about thrift shopping too!