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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Everyday Makeup

 Happy Monday Everyone! We've been under a snow emergency for a few days here so I thought instead of going outside to take outfit photos and freezing my booty off I would stay in and talk about my everyday makeup routine. Seriously, I see of you bloggers out there in the snow in short sleeves and bare legs and I just don't know how you do it! Good for you- but I'm a wimp!

Anyway, As you might know I work as an Esthetician and Makeup artist as my day job but I rarely share my secrets here on the blog. So all the tips I give are free professional advice- your welcome! Today I am just showing you what products I use the most for my everyday makeup look.

Here's the look:

And here's the products:
1. Jane Iredale Loose Powder- this powder is pure pigment (no perfumes, dyes, talc, or fillers) so you get great coverage with no irritation and it looks very natural! Your skin is glowing but not shiny like when you use other mineral powders!
2. Jane Iredale So Bronze 3- I use this not only as a bronzer but also to contour my cheek bones. I apply it under my cheek bones in the deepest part. I love the look of a chiseled cheek bone!
3. Jane Iredale PureGloss in Soft Peach- I own almost all of Jane's PureGlosses- they are amazing and actually good for your lips!
4. Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream- I am obsessed with the full coverage of this product. It makes your skin look flawless and has a beautiful dewy finish!
5. Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Trio in Silver Lining- I use this trio for lots of different looks from everyday to a dark smokey eye. For today's look I only used the medium shade and applied it darker in the crease and outer corner.
6. Nars Blush (the popular one!)- This is the most popular blush in America for a reason- The color is just perfect! I apply it to the apples of my cheeks- the part that puffs out when you smile!
7. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara- There are a lot of expensive mascara's out there but I think this one stands up against all of them!
  8. Jane Iredale Lemon Lid Primer- In case you're not sure, a lid primer makes a big difference! This is a great one- it never creases and makes your shadow stay on all day long!
9. Jane Iredale Pomist Hydration Spray- When you use a mineral powder this spray is a must! Minerals love moisture! This spray takes your makeup from powdery to flawless. People will compliment your skin and not your makeup! It also gives your skin hydration, and antioxidant protection. It also is like hairspray for the face- it will make your makeup last all day!
10. L'Oreal Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Black- It tool me a long time to get good at using liquid liner but practice makes closer to perfect! I just love the look of a liquid liner! I almost always tightline (when you apply it to the inner rim of the upper eyelid). Some people will switch to a pencil liner to do this but it works fine for me. I do this because I hate when you can see a line of skin between the liner and the eye. I always apply it thicker on the outside and make it thinner as I go in toward the nose. Then on the bottom I go in about halfway then tapper it off (please do not just stop that line abruptly!). Then I will go over the bottom line with whatever eyeshadow I used on the top- this just ties everything together.
11. Lizette Mineral Brow Powder in Cinnamon Brown- This is a new product I just started using and really want to share with you because I love it! I have to fill in my brows because mine are naturally thin and very light blond (yes, I'm a natural dark blond), Everyone should fill in their brows though, it just creates a more finished, refined look. This product comes with a brush and 6 stencils to help you draw on the perfect shape! Since my hair is sort of an unusual color I have a really hard time finding the right color brow product to match. But this product comes in 10 different colors as apposed to the 2 or 3 that most lines carry so everyone can find the perfect shade!

These are all the shades it comes in:
 And these are the stencils:

As you can see I love Jane Iredale! It is actually good for your skin and it was originally made for t.v. so it looks great when photographed which is obviously important as a fashion blogger! But as you know I'm pretty cheap so I also use quite a few drug store products as well. You have to know when to save and when to splurge. I think foundation and eyeshadow are the most important products to splurge on if you need to cut costs. Foundation because it is completely covering your skin so you want it to be pure and eyeshadow because you want something with good pigment.

 Hope you enjoyed this and maybe learned something new! Sorry I know I should have done a video but I haven't ventured into the world of recording myself yet!

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  1. You have such BEAUTIFUL skin! I love that your routine is simply but you look so FLAWLESS!!!!!

    1. Thanks Leah! I'm all about keeping it simple!

  2. Love those eyebrows! Thanks for all the tips and for sharing them at Visible Monday. xo

  3. I use bare minerals and thought they were all pretty much the same. I might give this a try.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

    1. Everyone I know that has tried both prefers the Jane Iredale. The mineral powders are milled way more times than Bare Minerals which is why the finish gives you a perfect glow and not a shiny finish.You should definitely try it!

  4. Where do you find Jane Iredale? I've never heard of it. I need to come to your salon and have you do my makeup! :)

    1. We sell it at the salon I work at- Kenneth's Hair Salon and Day Spa- so if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area come on in and I will match you up! If you are not in the area you can order it from the Jane Iredale website! It's amazing makeup- I would highly recommend it!

  5. You look absolutely flawless! I just love your eye shadow! Thanks so much for sharing with Mix it Monday. :)

  6. Love, love, love your blog. Look at it every day. Your make-up looks flawless. Just curious about your eyebrow make-up. I also have fine, blonde brows and need to fill them in. I noticed you have a brown and a red color on your brows. Is this to add diminsion? Should I be using two colors as well?

  7. Your makeup always looks so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this :)

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  9. great info! gotta love jane products! :)

  10. Thank You! THank YOu! ThankYou!!

  11. Your skin coloring is just gorgeous!
    xo Andrea Boho Bunnie

  12. Trying to teach my girls this; why pay full price, a bargain always shows thought and what's smarter.

  13. That GIF freaked me out for a moment@ I didn't know it was going to move :)
    You are gorgeous and it's nice to see a simple, "I can do it" look.