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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Pendleton Sweater Jacket

vintage Pendleton sweater jacket: thrift $4
Gap jean shirt: thrift $4
Banana Republic jeans: thrift $6
Sam Edelman over the knee boots: Christmas gift $0
Total Cost: $14

It's a jacket... It's a sweater... It's a sweater jacket!

I am so in love with this vintage Pendleton sweater jacket I found at a thrift store recently! I have been a big fan of all things western and southwestern for most of my life so I have always dreamed of the day I might find an amazing Pendleton piece while thrifting. When I posted it on last week's Thrifty Finds Friday someone commented that I could sell it for a lot of money. Well, I am well aware of how valuable vintage Penleton pieces are but I cannot part with it- I love it too much! And I love how perfectly it goes with my new over the knee boots I got for Christmas! 

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  1. i found a pendleton vest at my local thrift store. i had never heard of the brand, i just liked it. looked it up online and found out i could get a lot of money too, but right now i love my vest too much to part with it!!

  2. I just found a vintage Pendleton blue and green blazer. I just love it and it fits me perfectly! I am not giving that baby up!

  3. Such a great look all for a steal. My favorite! The boots are killer and pull the whole look together.
    PS I really love your haircut and color. I have been a Pixie forever and now growing it out to your length and maybe beyond. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hot! That jacket was a great find!

  5. The pattern on the sweater is adorable. The fringe on the boots is great.

    Halfway Heroine

  6. omg, a pendleton jacket (and a really cute one, at that) for $4?! i'm SO jealous. you hit the jackpot!


  7. I love that look! You are always quite stylish. I have become a real fashionista because of you.

    I have a question what do you wash your thrift clothes in before you wear them. One of the Goodwill I go to wash or spray their clothes with something weird it has a weird smell and its hard to wash it out. I can't even describe it.

  8. I love the jacket and those boots are stunning!

  9. What a find! I agree there's no pricetag on that - it's meant to be treasured.