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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Feeling Edgy

Express sweater: thrift $4
scarf: thrift $2
Express skort: thrift $4
vintage boots: $13
ear cuff: Forever 21 $5
Total Cost: $28

Hey Everyone! I've got an edgier look for you today! Ever since I got my hair cut I've been wanting to dress a bit more edgy. And don't worry mom, I know it's short but it's not a skirt- it's shorts! I just love a good skort! Did you happen to notice my new ear cuff?! Also as a result of my new do, I decided that if my ear is going to be on display all the time, I should decorate it! I went to Forever 21 and bought a bunch of new earrings and ear cuffs- I just love their jewelry! It's on trend and inexpensive- what more could you want?!

Thanks to everyone who left such supportive comments on my post yesterday. I have a really hard time opening up and talking about myself. So it's nice that when I do, I am met with so much love and encouragement! So many of you said that I seem so confident and poised. Well, you're right, I really am a pretty confident and very well spoken person! You can't do a blog like this and be out in front of the public eye without a good bit of confidence! People who know me well are always surprised to find out that I struggle with social anxiety because I try really hard to push through it and not let it show. On the down side, I tend to hold all of my fear and anxiety inside which can make me feel really alienated. Some of you also asked how I deal with it. I have found a good bit of relief from taking medication but it is far from complete relief. As I shared yesterday, the more time I spend with God, the better I tend to feel. I also do breathing exercises which are great because I tend to hold my breath a lot and not breathe very deeply. My friend Sara shared this little phrase with me and I say to myself a lot- "do it scared". That phrase helps me to know it's ok to be scared and helps me push through and do it anyway! Hope this helps and I'll try to be brave and keep you guys updated. Thanks!
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  1. Love the look today. I'm too "curvy" to pull it off, but it looks great on you!
    I like the mantra of do it scared. Our 14 yr old shared with us her goal for this year is to be less scared, and not worry about the what if's so much that she doesn't try new things. So proud of her for voicing that, and yet my momma's heart breaks that my worry and anxiety has bled down to her.

  2. Love this look! So stylish and for a steal! We need to go thrifting together!

  3. This look really fits you! You have great hair!!! Years ago, I discovered "dress" was a communication starter. People do notice, especially teenagers. Leopard print shoes have built many a friendship with a kid! If teachers would just get that. Anyway, my sister in anxiety, you look fab.!

  4. LOL, my first thought after being jealous about not having legs like yours was, "How does she sit down in that skirt without, um, you know?" Then I read your post. I especially like the shout out to your mom.

  5. Your hair just makes such a statement - I love it so much! And I love how you pull off "sexy" layers. This is a great look!