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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Capes and Shoes

Here are my thrift store finds of the week:
American Rag cape $6 from Volunteers of America
vintage Eddie Bauer green cape $5 from Volunteers of America
sold this one already!
Forever 21 $7 from Volunteers of America
Mossimo $4 from Volunteers of America
United Arrows Work For Holiday $2 from Volunteers of America
size 40
Express strapless dress $6
For Sale on eBay- size 12
vintage dress $6
The Limited $4
size L
Calvin Klein dress $6
For Sale on eBay- size 6
girl's top and leggins $3 each
got these for my niece
Disney Princess nightgown $3
also for my niece
leopard scarf $2
also for my niece!
Target wallet $2

Mossimo loafers $5
size 6.5
Mossimo snake print heels $5
sold these already
Mossimo black pumps $5
Mossimo teal heels $5
For sale on eBay- size 6.5
Mossimo leopard print flats $5
size 5.5
Mossimo booties $6
Mossimo black flats $5
for sale on eBay- size 7
Mossimo snake print flats $5
for sale on eBay- size 7.5
 vintage combat boot $6 

Any Favorites?

As always, if the price is listed that means it either is for sale or will be soon! To get to my eBay page just go to the top of this page and click on Shop My Closet! I've got lots of great things listed right now! Thanks!
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  1. The leopard scarf is especially adorable! What a real haul!

  2. The second cape is pretty fabulous. I also love the express dress and Mossimo flats with the gold detail on the toes. You scored big time.

  3. I love the 1st cape! Your thrift stores have WAY better prices than mine :(
    The target shoes are always 15-20 bucks at our Goodwill.

  4. That last pair of boots makes me laugh SO HARD. Those are lace-up Justin ropers and they were wildly popular with the cowboy/girl crowd in the early-mid 90's. I had that EXACT same pair and wore them with so much pride...usually with my red Rockies and George Strait t-shirt. I thought I was HOTTTT.

  5. My wife would love that Forever 21 jacket and it's purple too !
    Lovely site you have here, thrift shops in the U.K are referred to as charity shops, I think the term thrift sounds better, either way they all do a great job - keep shopping you never know what you might find.