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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: A Stylist's Attire

vintage dress: thrifted $5
vintage belt: $3
earrings: gift $0
shoes: Target $10
Total Cost: $18

What do you wear to a fashion show that you styled? That feels like a lot of pressure to me- am I right? I put all my best outfits out there on that runway so what's left? Well, this is what I wore to the teen fashion show I styled recently.  I decided that you can never go wrong with black and with vintage!

I love this belt! One of the teen girls even said to me that it looked Versace! She is so right and I just love that she knew that! I'm far from a brand snob but I do study designers and runway fashion like it's my job so I really enjoyed getting to hang out with this group of girls (and some guys)  that is so knowledgeable about fashion!

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  1. I love that dress :) Beautiful.

  2. Love, Love, Love the belt. I was at the Treasure Hound, a local thrift store in Chantilly, VA over the weekend. The Treasure Hound supports the Friends for Homeless Animals (a nonkill shelter). Definitely a great mission. I found a vintage black purse made in Hong Kong during my visit. The purse has a gold lions face as the clasp on the purse. It matches the Lions face on your belt.

  3. Perfection! Great look/outfit! Loving the way you styled your hair too. :)

  4. Fantastic and chic look - I LOVE it!


  5. Love the outfit, although I think your hair is the star today for me - so chic! Thanks for linking up with Wardrobe Wednesday xo

  6. Your hair is gorgeous and i love this look!

  7. this look is so editorial and your hair looks amazing! :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. It does look very Versace-esque! You have great taste. I love your eyes with the dark eye make up. They are so blue.

  9. I'm beginning to think you'd look good in a gunny sack!! So Fabulous!! I'm always happy to see you link up to Show & Share! You are my favorite from last week! :)