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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds of the week!
 Target chevron dress $6 size XXL
 The Limited sheer polka dot peplum top $4 size Small
 Gap fit and flare trumpet skirt $4
Express sweater $4
Only European Fashions pants $4
 vintage Jones New York plaid pencil skirt $4 size 8
 New York and Co. leopard fur coat $4
sold this one at the Flea!
 Target striped dress $7 size XXL
 vintage beaded skirt $4
also sold this one at the Flea!
Ann Taylor slim cropped pant $4
Zara t-shirt $4
 Forever 21 polka dot dress $5 from Volunteers of America
 Zara lace top $7 from Volunteers of America
size M
 J. Crew skirt $6 from Volunteers of America
size 10
 Old Navy sweater $4
lace top $4
 Forever 21 jacket $4
 Abercrombie and Fitch dress $5
not a brand I usually buy but this is a super cute dress! I actually almost wore this to my brother's wedding but my brother liked my other option better.
Forever 21 dress $5
 H&M Ikat print pants $4
 Mossimo for Target wedges $4
 Audrey Brooke heels $4
got these for the fashion show I did last weekend
 Crocs $4
I can't believe I bought these! I am so against Crocs but I thought I'd get them just in case I need something comfortable- I will probably not wear these very often but they are good to have just in case, I guess!
 leather purse $10
this is one of my favorite finds ever! soft leather, gorgeous color, looks like a very expensive bag!
New With Tags Merona for Target leather gloves $2

Any Favorites?

If I listed the size under an item that means it's for sale! And I have a ton of stuff for sale right now on my eBay page- just click on "SHOP MY CLOSET" at the top of this page to check it out! Thanks!
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  1. I have a pair of Crocs like the ones you found and they are very, very comfortable. Good shoes to thrift in!

    1. Thanks for making me feel better about this purchase! You are so right!

  2. Love that purple (pink?) bag! Did it not have any brand name? That tiny center pleat is a classic B. Makowsky bag feature, and I have a B. Makowsky (from thrift of course!) in black that looks really similar to that.

    1. It's lavender! My favorite color! It's by Pelle- I forgot to write that!

  3. AWESOME finds! Loving the sheet pieces, the gloves and that A&F dress!

  4. Love the Zara lace top and those gloves! I posted My Lucky Finds Shoe Edition today and the Clothng Edition will follow tomorrow.

  5. oh BTW I discovered your Blog last weekend and spent 5 hours looking at the all posts!! LOVE IT.

  6. I love everything about thrifting!!!!! I am officially jealous of the stuff you found for a steal. My fav is the H&M patterned pants, but everything is FAB! Keep it up and keep sharing!

  7. I love the leather bag and gloves, and the lace Zara top. Those crocs are SUPER comfortable. I mean, beyond comfortable. You will wear them more often than you think!
    I can't believe how cheap some of your items are. Our local thrift stores rates just keep climbing.Half the time it's not even worth it to go anymore, so I've been shopping a lot of yard sales.

  8. Great finds! I really love all the skirts!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  9. The green Zara lace top and the leather gloves from Target...I'm so jealous! GORGEOUS!!

  10. I've just come across your blog...and I must say I love it!
    I'm a big thrift store shopper myself, and prefer thrifting over the mall or big box stores any day!
    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Forever 21 red biker jacket! And you snagged for a mere $4.00...what a steal! Looking forward to future posts and future thrift finds. Thrift on! :)

    1. Thanks so much Sue! I will have to do a post with the red leather jacket soon!

  11. Love the J.Crew skirt! Would you like to send me a PayPal invoice for that?

  12. Week after week I am amazed on your finds!!!!!