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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Ferragamo from the Thrift Store

Here are my thrift store finds of the week:
 Target dress $7 
I just got this dress and I have already worn it several times-it's definitely a new favorite- will show you soon!
 Forever 21 pleated skirt $3
love this color- so on trend!
 top $4
love the contrast of the black piping against the pretty floral!
 White House Black Market skirt $4
love the fit and flare shape of this skirt!
 vintage top $4
 dress $5
got this for my mom- forget who made it!
 Forever 21 $4
color of the year!
 Target dress $7
will be selling this dress on Ebay soon!
Aeropostale plaid shirt $4
one can never have too many plaid shirts...right?
silver necklace $4
so in love with this necklace!
Ferragamo shoes $4
This is the 5th pair of Ferragamo's I've found from thrift stores! major score!

Any Favorites?

I'm off to Chicago for a long weekend with my hubby Jason, and our best friends Alicia and Joshua! So excited! I mapped out a bunch of vintage stores to visit- I hope I find some treasures! We are also planning on doing the architectural boat tour, the art museum, and eating at Kuma's Corner (our favorite Chicago restaurant) and of course pizza at Giordono's!

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  1. Have fun in Chicago! Have you had Lou Malnati's pizza? I think it's the best. That or Uno.

  2. I LOVE that floral Target dress! The print and the cut is adorable. I am so jealous! I can never find such cute stuff. I also really like the black and white skirt. Have fun in Chicago!

  3. In my neck of the woods, aye! Have fun. Don't forget to visit the Pier...

  4. I love the dress you picked out for your mom! The color and pattern are so fun. Can't wait to see what you find in Chicago. -Tracy

  5. I love that pleated pink Forever21 skirt - it's beautiful! Have fun in Chicago! Can't wait to see what you find there at the shops :)


  6. Have a great weekend! Chicago has tons of great thrifting. Love that green dress and plaid shirt!

  7. Yay!!! I have found Ferragamo at Goodwill and other thrift stores. I don't have an Ebay shop, etc. But I buy anything fabulous that is irrestible and give to friends with corresponding sizes. I found and Armani blouse and a Prada wallet once. Actually real, not fakes. So cool. That is another reason I love thrifting!
    Great finds!

  8. Love the Forever 21 top! Such a gorgeous color! :) Have fun in Chicago!

  9. Love the first Target dress! I wish I had your thrifting skills. I just went to a Goodwill and was so overwhelmed! I don't know how you find all these cute pieces!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  10. You always seem to find outstanding outfits. I featured YOU in my recent post, so go check it out and leave a comment.

  11. Have a great time this weekend!! The Ferragamos are really nice, I recently found some too, awesome!

  12. Love that necklace! Posted my copycat version of your recent safari post.

  13. Cool, I recently thrifted your third item, love that tank! Unfortunately, I paid more than 4 dollars. :/

  14. I love the necklace! Also, wish I could find Ferragamo shoes at the thrift store - I'm keeping my eyes peeled but most of the stores near me seem to know they can charge more for them than what you paid!

  15. I love the necklace! Its gorgeous! I got a fab Topshop dress/tunic the other day in a charity shop here & am so happy with it! :) Ax