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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Volunteers of America Thrift Store Edition

Here are my thrift store finds from this week. These are all from Volunteers of America Thrift Stores.
vintage dress $3
Love Culture safari romper $4
Kirna Zabete for Target blouse $4
Banana Republic blouse $4
Levi's jacket $4
Old Navy striped top $4
Heritage 1981 leopard dress $6
vintage tropical print top $2
Merona for Target top $2
Merona for Target top $2
JM by Shelli Segal color block skirt size 8 $4
Style & Co. white lace dress size Large size $5
coral scarf $2

Any Favorites?

Don't forget to check my Ebay page where you can purchase some of my best finds!
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  1. I am dying over that vintage dress! Just lovely!

  2. White lace dress is my fave! Are you keeping this or selling it? :)

    1. You are in luck! It is for sale right now on my eBay page! You can get there by clicking on Shop My Closet at the top of my blog!

  3. You do find amazing items......and you always look so darn pretty/cute/fun!!! I really appreciate your blog because you don't spends lots on a name something to impress all with your fashion sense. You are a very secure woman!

  4. Love the lace dress adn the Levi's jacket!

  5. The GoodWill in my town gets donations from Target. I guess all the GWs do. Anyway. I went the other day and found 11 pieces--tops and bottoms of new from Target bikinis. Several matches. A monokini. Then I went back and found 6 more. Ha! Couldn't resist. Still not the price of one swimsuit at the store. Any store I think. So I will share these with my sisters and mix and match with pieces I already have. Fun!

  6. My favorite is that first dress with the seashells - soooo stinkin cute!