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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Target Takeover

Here are my thrift store finds of the week!
Forever 21 dress/ top size M $5
love the braided belt detail
Mossimo for Target dress size L $7
love this pattern!
This one is for sale right now on my Ebay page!
Banana Republic Mad Men dress size 8 $7
For sale on Ebay!
Target Peplum top $5
my mom took this one!
Mossimo for Target top $5
keeping this one for myself! I love the color!
maternity top $6
for a friend, seriously!
Target cardigan $4
love the pop of neon with the tan! That's a great way to take your neons into fall!
Target belt $2
Uniqulo high waist jeans $5
I love a great high waist jeans!
Mossimo for Target platform heels $6
Mossimo for Target heels $6
you already saw them earlier this week! I just couldn't wait!

Any Favorites?

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  1. Love BOTH pairs of shoes!

    1. me too Ashleigh! They are both getting a lot of wear this summer!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Marla! I love dresses and tend to buy a lot of them! I can't help it when they are that pretty!

  3. Hi! Awesome blog! I had one query for you; Do you wear all of the items that you sell on eBay? I have been struggling with this for a long time - If I sell thrift store items for a profit, am I taking advantage of peoples good will? What I have been doing is going through my thrift store pieces that I have worn and loved, and since I have not been wearing them, I sell them for a small profit, of maybe 5-8 dollars. But I have been feeling guilty lately. I love the DVF purple silk dress, but think that it is questionable that you are selling it for 49.99 when you found it from a Goodwill (for $6) by someone who donated it. In addition, you have not even worn the dress... What do you think? IS there such a thing as etiquette for reselling thrift store items? What is your take on this?

    1. The main objective of most charity stores isn't to provide low cost items to the needy. Their goal is to raise money to support a specific cause. Providing low cost clothing and household items is secondary. For those with an immediate, urgent need - such as a family that has lost everything in a house fire - the charity store often gives vouchers that can be used to select items from the store for free, up to a certain dollar amount.

      Charity stores get donated items that they price at what their market will bear. They sell to two groups - those who are looking for low cost items for themselves and those who are looking for low cost items to resell. The person who is looking for a specific designer dress or a specific top from Target is unlikely to shop in the charity store. That buyer will go to eBay, Etsy or similar outlet to search for that specific hard-to-find item. They buyer is willing to pay more online because he/she isn't just paying for the item they really want. They buyer is also paying for a service that the reseller provides (finding that long lost or much needed item, listing it and shipping it).

      I recently replaced a shirt I loved that way. I put a search on eBay with the item description and my size and ran the search daily until it came up. I was very happy when it eventually did show up online and paying more that thrift shop prices was well worth it.

      There's no guilt needed here. Both the charity store and the online resellers are providing services to their customers at a fair price.

    2. Hi Helene! Thank you so much for reading! This is something I've put a lot of thought into. I have come to the same conclusion that "My thoughts here and there" (the person who commented before me) came to. I feel as though I sell items at a more than fair price- I would not feel good about it otherwise. The DVF dress is actually worth several hundred dollars so even though I only paid $6, $49.99 is still a steal of a deal. I also feel that charging more than I paid is justified because I did all the leg work. I curate a beautiful collection of clothing and accessories for people to shop from. They don't have to spend hours searching through thrift stores and wonder if something is stylish or not. Some of my friends hate thrift shopping so they are more than willing to me a little extra to do the work for them. So to answer your question I think the etiquette is to be fair and not to scam someone.

    3. What an interesting debate.

      I often get asked by friends if I will shop for them as "they have no sense of what looks good", which I have done many times and marked up the purchases to cover my costs and make a little money.

      Thrifting is an art and, usually, items end up in thrift stores because the donator doesn't want to spend the time selling them on. It is no different than someone handing you a bag of clothes and saying " do as you like", there is just a middle man, the charity whom make a little money too. A win, win, I say..

      I guess the hard pill to swallow here is that Lindsay is very upfront and honest in what she paid for the item. Most stores buy a skirt for about $4 but sell it in their retail stores for $45 or more, it 's the same thing, just out of sight out of mind..

    4. Thanks ladies! I feel better about selling thrifted items now.. :) **Big Happy Sigh.

  4. Love the yellow platforms! I had been eyeing them on the website recently so that's a steal!

    1. I know, I can't believe they are still selling at Target! Score! Check your local Goodwill (if they carry Target stuff)!

  5. Great finds as usual!! I agree that your time, patience, gas money, and skill at finding great stuff, not everyone has the eye, is worth the price. I sell too, and when I find an amazing pair of Nannette Lepore pants brand new that retail for upwards of 200.00 and sell them for 45.00, me and the buyer make out! For some of us it's a business, to be able to stay at home or pay for private school, etc. No guilt needed.

    1. Thanks for your support, girl! you are so right!