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Friday, July 5, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Bloggers Meetup Finds

As I mentioned on Monday I got to meet up with two other bloggers- Heather from H&K Style Journey and Ally from Fever Thrift for some thrift shopping this past Sunday. Here is what I found:

From Volunteers of America on Henderson:
 Gap blouse $4

Then from Ohio Thrift also on Henderson Rd.:
 Ralph Lauren ikat print skirt size 8 $7
I will be selling this beauty!
 Michael Kors top $3
need s a little ironing but will be super cute for summer!
 Topshop dress $15
I didn't really want to pay that much for it but this is such a unique piece and it's from Topshop!

Then I snuck off to the little girls section for a minute and found the next two dresses that fit me perfectly:
 Candies dress $7
 Freckles dress $3
some the Prada copy cat stripes!
 Ralph Lauren dress $3
Heather picked this cute little eyelet lace dress out for me!
 vintage pencil skirt $3
Love a good pencil skirt in just about any color!
Bakers white leather ankle strap heels $5
This was my favorite find of the day! I've been looking to buy a pair of shoes exactly like these but for a LOT more!

Any Favorites?

I'm guest blogging for Kaitlyn over at Thrifty Modesty today! So take a minute to check out her blog!
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  1. Love that Ralph Lauren skirt!

  2. So jealous about the blogger meet up...Would so love to do that...Add in a day of thrifting and what a fabulous day1 Glad you had fun.

  3. Love the MK top! You always find the greatest stuff!


  4. Love the Freckles dress !

  5. Some great items here but, I especially like the Topshop Dress. I'm eager to see how you will style it.

  6. My favorite is the shoes, too! They are so pretty. I'm excited that you went ahead and got the Topshop dress. Ditto Renae in that I can't wait to see how you'll wear it.

  7. hmmm ... ikat skirt or topshop dress (which will be FABULOUS with your coloring)!