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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: Light Blue Eyelet

Ralph Lauren dress: Ohio Thrift $3
scarf: H&M $3
belt: Goodwill $2
shoes: Goodwill $4
Total Cost: $12

This is another dress that came from my outing with some blogger friends. Heather from H&K Style Journey actually picked this one out for me! She has a great eye because this is a Ralph Lauren dress and it was only $3! I couldn't resist because I love eyelet lace and anything light blue (because it matches my eyes!). It is a super cute dress but something about the straight neckline with spaghetti straps was screaming 1998 to me. Easy fix... just add a scarf! Instantly modernized! I also didn't want the pastel and eyelet to make the look too sweet so grounding it with some brown leather did the trick!
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  1. Love this outfit! The color palette works great with you and you look gorgeous!

  2. This actually could be one of my favourite looks on you! I just love the colour with your eyes and hair and I love the matchyness of the scarf and dress.

  3. Bonito look!!!

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  5. I agree, there's something 90s about that dress - but I would never have realised because of the scarf - perfect addition! The belt looks great too, competes the look nicely.

  6. Such an adorable scarf! I love the 70s vibe that it gives!!


  7. That is really beautiful on you! And wow, love how thrifty it is - great finds!!

  8. I love that! So, take the bust and gather an inch between your fingers. Pinch it together like a fan, and from the back side slide a small safety pin through the bunch you gathered. Release et voila: a DIY (removable) sweetheart neckline. Try it out!

  9. Oh the brown leather did do the trick. Great styling of this dress that I probably would have passed up. Since you mentioned Heather shopping with you (what two weeks ago?) I have been following her blog and loving her style ideas, too. Cool!

  10. that is a stunning scarf against your skintone