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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrfity Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds from this week:
Hugo Buscati silk dress $6
 black and white graphic top $4
 Forever 21 beaded tunic $4
 vintage blouse $4
 Talbots jacket $4
 The Limited silk blouse $4
 boho blouse $4
 yellow paisley scarf $2
 floral scarf $2
Brand New Target ankle boots $6
Brand New Target ankle boots $6

Any Favorites?
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  1. The green blouse will look great with you hair colour but my favourite is the purple dress..

  2. I love the structure of that Talbots jacket, and the purple silk dress is gorgeous!


  3. Amazing finds! Love the purple dress and the Forever 21 tunic.

  4. LOVE both boots and the green silk blouse!

  5. Found those Target boots at my Goodwill this week, too (in WI)! I'm always glad to see Target items that are obviously overstock or from previous seasons when I'm at Goodwill; even if price tags are removed, you can spot them by the black marker through the name on the label. So many other companies damage clothes and toss them to make sure they can't be used.

  6. Okay, first off that green blouse is going to look amazing on you! Second I love the scarfs. And third, I wish I had found the boots :( Alright, I am happy for you that you found them, but I have been looking for a pair of ankle boots and though I was going for tan suede, I would have "settled" for these cuties :)

  7. Boho blouse. I love neutrals.

  8. 1. Talbot Jacket 2.Boho Blouse 3. Those Target BOOTS; OMyGosh, you are going to have fun with those!!!

  9. This is one of your best hauls to date surely?! Its all so brilliant! The Talbot jacket is amazing as is the lace boho top & I love the yellow scarf too! Ax