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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: The Crop Top

Target top: Goodwill $4
vintage skirt: Goodwill $4
Gap jacket: Goodwill $4
shoes: Target $10
Total Cost: $22

As a fashion blogger I feel it's my duty to try out all the trends first. The crop top trend is one of those scary trends that I thought I would never do! That is until I found this super cute one at Goodwill! But, I figured out that as long as you pair it with something with a high waist it is not that different than a tank top. Although I have a very short torso so it would probably be different for someone taller.

Thrift stores are a great place to get items to try out a trend. If you end up hating it or if the trend goes out and you only got to wear it once you didn't spend very much money- so oh well! And yes, you can find trendy items at the thrift store- my blog is proof!

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  1. That crop top is super cute Lindsey :)

    <3 Kali

  2. I love how everytime you're able to put together awesome outfits on a small budget =D

  3. our styles just click, lady! I have been doing ab work like crazy to wear a top like this. I just adore the look. And you look amazing, might I add! And thrifted! Ugh, where have you been all my life!

    The Nautical Owl Blog

  4. So amazing: the abs, the top, the style! It all just works. And the budget makes me swoon. Amazing - I always like stopping by to see what you've accomplished!
    XO ~Kim @

  5. I think you rock that Target crop top! you look amazing and no one would know your totally on-trend item came from a thrift store.

  6. I've been considering trying out the crop top as well, but I'm not sure if I can. So I have been keeping my eyes peeled at thrift stores - I'm sure one will pop up! That skirt is just perfect, by the way!


  7. you brave lady! this totally works, and i love a good high waisted skirt. thanks for sharing and for linking up with dress for the day!

  8. Okay, do you ever have a bad outfit? lol I'm too old for crop but I will say you wear it well the way I wish other young women would copy. Too tight or muffin tops....sorry. I'm old and ornery and think a woman should wear what works and not simply not what's trending.

  9. I love your skirt, I just purchased a cream one.. I can not pull off the crop top, belly is not up to snuff!

  10. Nice outfit, love the skirt and the top is cute. You look beautiful with this look.

  11. How cute! I have yet to try the "crop top" trend. Somehow having 3 kids makes it feel forbidden but you may have just converted me. And I don't know what Goodwill you go to but dang! You find amaze stuff! I'm a thrifter through and through but you always hit the jackpot! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  12. Very cute! I definitely think crop tops need to be worn with high waisted skirts/pants! Love how you styled it!

  13. You can wear designer crop tops with a variety of clothes like long skirts, jeans etc. Make sure you choose contrasting colors to make the best impact. For instance, go for a light blue or white crop top with black jeans.