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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Weekend Cont'd: Music Video Shoot

I had such an incredible weekend I had to break it up into several posts! So this is part 2! 

On Saturday after the Goodwill Prom Event I went to help my friend Heather Evans with her music video shoot. I've featured Heather on the blog before. She has modeled for me on the news and she is also a super talented singer/songwriter! Heather uses her talents on a regular basis to help the fight against human trafficking. She recently recorded a song called Sweet Princess that is all about human trafficking and the hope that God has to offer people is those types of desperate situations. So the video that they were making was for her Sweet princess song and then they were also making a mini documentary on human trafficking and a video on the behind the scenes of  making of the music video. A lot of work for 2 days! Heather had me do her makeup and style her for the video which I love to do!

This is the old warehouse where they shot the video. It is normally $2,000 per day to rent but they were able to get it for free! It was pretty incredible because everything was donated to make this video from food to port-a-potties, furniture, clothes, everyone's time, etc.!
This was the main room that they staged for the shoot. It is supposed to look like a place where someone caught in human trafficking might be staying. A lot of times they have run away from home and don't have many resources.
This is the area they set up to shoot Heather actually preforming the song
Photo: @dekemalone55 and the infamous Orange Chair from Good Will! #spmusicvideo #vintage #musicvideo #sweetprincess
This is the famous Goodwill chair used in the shoot
This is the director and mastermind behind this amazing project, Rick Green. I have so much respect for this man's heart and talents. He blew me away this weekend!
My makeup case
I used Radiant brand lipstick in Park Avenue on Heather because Radiant gives a portion of their proceeds to help fight human trafficking! I thought it was appropriate!
Elizabeth, the star of the video playing the role of someone caught in human trafficking. She just did an amazing job!

some of the props used
Princess Ellie representing hope in the video! She was amazing! I think we have a future star on our hands!
 I don't think she complained once the whole day!
 When Princess Ellie entered this dark and hopeless room everyone watching started to tear up. We knew it was just a video but the symbolism was impossible to ignore.
We got to watch what they were filming on this monitor which was pretty cool!
They did an interview with this amazing woman who had been trafficked herself. It was heartbreaking listening to her story.
This is Connie. She works with an organization that helps with human trafficking. They interviewed her for the documentary.
Heather and me
Heather and the crew
You can see the adorable vintage dress I got for her for the video from Goodwill in this picture!
Heather preforming

It was freezing cold and exhausting but a truly incredible experience! It was really fascinating to be behind the scenes and see how a music video is made! It was such an honor to work along side so many talented people for such a worthy cause. I wish I could do stuff like this everyday! 

I will definitely post a link to the video when it is all finished- it will probably take about a month!

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  1. This is completely and totally amazing!

  2. So awesome! I've done some volunteer work in Philadelphia with women of human trafficking. It's such a prevalent but unknown issue. Great job highlighting it.

  3. So interesting to see this. TFS.


  4. What a cool post Lindsey! Human Trafficking is such a horrible problem and I'm so glad you're sharing this. It's amazing how many people don't know it exists. I look forward to seeing the video!

  5. You did have a good weekend! What a great cause. Please post links to the final product!