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Friday, March 8, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday: Volunteers of America Haul

Here are my thrift store finds of the week! This haul is all from Volunteers of America (Henderson Rd.- if you are in Columbus, Ohio)! They had so much amazing stuff when I was there! I found several things that I've actually had on my wish list for some time now! I love that! I'm on a budget so I had to keep it around $50 but I could have spent way more!
 Old Navy vest $4
I wanted this vest when it was in the store last year but never got it- glad I waited!
 vintage dress $4
this dress fits me perfectly! I love it and can't wait to show you!
black scarf $5
I've been wanting a black scarf for a while now and almost bought one at Target for $14!
 wrap dress $1
I plan to belt this and I think it's going to be just amazing!
 J.Crew beaded belt $2
 Forever 21 neoprene scuba dress $7
 I love this thick forgiving fabric!
 PINK Yankees t-shirt $6
 This may be my favorite find of all time! I'm a huge Yankees fan and I've been wanting this top from Victoria's Secret PINK forever
 top $3
 Liberty of London for Target $5
 sporty jacket $5
 another piece for my sporty chic look I'm going to rock this Spring!
gold sequined top $5
I can't read the brand on the label but it looks pretty fancy! I might wear it belted or open as a vest.
gold leather belt $.59
this is so cool! It's sort of moldable!
 Michael Antonio heels $3
I can't believe I found these at a thrift store- this is the style that is so in right now!
neon bow sandals $1

Any Favorites?

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  1. Wow! You got some great finds and so many of them are on trend right now. I love that Old Navy vest and the sporty items.

  2. Buenas compras!!

  3. Love your finds! Wish I lived closer to your store! I'm obsessed with thrifting!

  4. Great score! I love the navy dress and the vest!

  5. I like the vintage and wrap dress. The wrap dress is so has a pretty print to it! Nice bargain!!

  6. Oh my gosh I can't decide between the gold shirt or the neon sandals...fantastic haul!

  7. This is an incredible thrift haul. The thrift stores in my area have gone up so much in price, it's awesome that you got such a great deal with all of these.

  8. The scuba dress is amazing, but I think my favorite is the vintage dress. I'd wear it in a heartbeat.

  9. Wow! I'm always impressed when see what people have thrifted - I genuinely think that thrifting is a talented. It's not one that I have, but I am slowly learning to be more patient and modify my expectations of what a thrift store offers versus what a regular store offers. Still, there's no way I could walk into any store with a budget of $50 and come out with so many amazing things! I'm just in love with that blue vintage dress :)

  10. You scored a great deal! If only I could find such great items when I thrift out here. My favorites are the vest, vintage dress and the beaded belt.

  11. love the gilet, the dresses and the sandals *___*

  12. More great stuff!! I really like the floral, ruffly blouse, so spring!

  13. I love everything haha! Especially the navy vest.... Can't wait to see it n action

  14. What a haul! Everything is so super cute. Love the navy (I think it's navy) dress. Reminds me of my ballet days :-) I wish I could be more diligent and dedicated to thrifting. I never think to go and when I do I don't find anything so it doesn't encourage me to go again. Wompwomp.

  15. What a great trip to the thrift store! Love the vest, so trendy right now! You will look great in the orange wrap dress!

    XO Chelsea

  16. I have NEVER been able to find shoes at the thrifts that didn't look like they were trash-can worthy! Good finds!

  17. I can't believe the prices.A vintage dress at a thrift store in Australia would cost $30 plus!

  18. I live 2hrs from Columbus. I must visit Volunteers of America! What other thrift stores do you reccomend? Would it be worth the trip?!

    1. You should- Columbus has such great thrifting at great prices! There are several VOA's in Ohio too- there might be one even closer to you! Columbus also has Goodwill, Ohio Thrift, and lots of consignment stores and vintage/antique stores!

  19. Love the beaded belt! Great finds once again!

  20. That vintage dress looks so pretty! Can't wait to see you wear it!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  21. What GREAT finds! I love thrifting and get all giddy when I get the chance to! I am not much of a shopper but there is something so great about spending time at the local thrift store, looking through the racks and finding that great find for an even better deal!

    I love that belt! And that gold sequined top, beautiful!

  22. You founds some amazing items while thrifting. I wish I had your kind of luck. I love the J Crew belt.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  23. So many cool choices! Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)

    New posts
    Neon and studs!

  24. I love the Jcrew beaded belt and the vintage dress--excellent finds!

  25. Loving that J.Crew belt! Steal.


  26. I'm seriously going to hire you to thrift for me! ;) You have a gift my friend!

  27. I am patiently awaiting the day when I can find that Old Navy vest. I would be such a happy girl. Great finds-I especially love the white heels though.