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Friday, February 15, 2013

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds of the week:
F21 fuchsia jeans $5
scarf $2
this one is going to Florida with me next week!
vintage Forenza skirt $4
This is why I thrift- for the chance to find something amazing and unique like this skirt! I love this pattern- it is so J.Crew!
speaking of J.Crew, this is a J.Crew ombre dress $5
I am obsessed with this gorgeous dress!
Old Navy denim jacket  $4
You already saw this earlier this week- I couldn't wait to wear it!
Members Only jacket $4
 the sportiness is so on trend!
Brand New target trench $10
everyone needs a classic red trench!
Francesca's anchor dress $10
The Limited fur collar sweater $4
vintage straw bag $2
Target napkins $.99 each

I'm pretty excited about this haul! I think this is one of the best trips to the thrift store I've ever had!
Any Favorites?

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  1. That denim jacket is gold!!! I've been looking for one just like it for a YEAR and still haven't been able to find one. Hold on to that baby and never let go ;). And i bet it would look adorable over that ombre dress, which is incredibly chic by the way. Love it!

  2. I l-o-v-e the skirt!! So so fabulous! Great finds, as always :) Just curious also... what's your thrifting budget for the month? I'm trying to find a happy medium over here haha

    1. I get $25 per week, plus money from blog sponsors, and money from what I sell on Ebay. I think I need to cut back a little though but it's hard!

  3. gasp! I'm obsessed with all of this. The vintage skirt & anchor dress are my favorite. Great finds, girl :)


  4. Me encanta la falda!

  5. Love everything!! Wish our thrift stores in michigan were as fabulous as where u live!!!

  6. I LOVE LOVE the fur collared sweater! That is amazing. All good finds though, I'm looking for a good, worn in levi jacket.

  7. I am in LOVE with the Skirt!!!! it is gorgeous!

  8. Seriously?! Great finds!! I never have this much luck thrifting! I actually have that ombre J.Crew dress in black (but mine isn't ombre) and I love it! I'm also seriously lovin' that jean jacket - it's the perfect shade of blue :)

  9. Definitely one of your best weeks! That skirt is to die for! And I wish I could find some F21 jeans at the Goodwill! I guess no one around my area wants to give them up! Haha :P

    <3 danielle

  10. Lovely finds! I absolutely adore that vintage straw bag!

    Sita xx

  11. You got some seriously great finds!! Love the anchor dress (and everything else)

  12. Holy cow! I am so jealous of all the great finds you got! That dress from J. Crew is seriously adorable!

  13. Love the anchor dress and Forenza skirt! You had so many great finds this week!

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

  14. I am screaming at your members only jacket! I want one so badly! I haven't ha the luck of finding one in the thrift stores. Congrats on such good finds!

  15. What a haul! love the ombre dress!


  16. What!! The ombre dress and printed skirt are amazing! So jealous. I have been a thrifting dry spell recently :(


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  18. Great deals!! You are a girl after my own heart!


  19. My favorite is definitely the vintage skirt. I love the print!

    More Modern Modesty

  20. I would buy that forenza skirt/ J crew dress off of you in a heartbeat. Good finds!

  21. Especially loving the trench coat and the bag.

    Just wanted to say Lindsey, that I'm much older than you but still absolutely LOVE what you do. I'm an avid thrifter too, but often am not so clear on how to style my treasures once I get them home.

    Your way of dressing manages to be both fun and age-appropriate for you, and also classy - classic even, imo. Of course I wouldn't wear exactly what you do (no bare legs or very short skirts for me for instance) but still your eye for color, shape and combinations produces outfits that I believe could work, with some tweaks, for any age group.

    So to sum up - thank you so much for sharing, and for the inspiration - you're brilliant!

    P.S. I see you get the occasional item for your mother - she's a lucky lady!!

  22. You got so many nice items! I think the J. Crew dress and the scarf are my favorite!! I didn't really get anything thrifting this week, but 1.5 weeks ago I got a Christian Dior blazer!

  23. Wow! You must live by a great thrift store!

  24. you did good this week!!! LOVE the dress and the fur collar sweater!!