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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Special Guest- Style Sparrow

Hey Everyone! I have a special treat for you today! 

I would like to introduce you to my fashionable friend Ashley. She just started a blog called Style Sparrow. She has amazing thrifty style and her creativity is super inspiring! She has agreed to take over Thrift and Shout for today while I'm still on vacation. Thanks Ashley! 

Check out her blog here- I promise you'll love her!

it has been a snowy winter so far in ohio. this has not stopped me from exploring my lovely city. my husband and i are house hunting and it has been exciting visiting the diverse sides of town and imagining a life there. 2013 holds big changes in my life and i am so ready. what are you excited about for this year?

listening to// marina and the diamonds: how to be a heartbreaker

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  1. Welcome! I am glad you were a guest poster today. I love this outfit. It's so adorable!


  2. She looks funky, bohemian & cool in this.

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation Lindsey. Meanwhile I featured your gorgeous Bridesmaid Dress on my page. I love the way you dress, your style & your thrifting skills by the way - I have told you that before.

    Hope you stop by my page and like it. =)

    Have a Great New Week, Ada.

  3. Came to your blog from Life in a Break Down.....excited to participate! I would love if you followed my blog and provided some feedback!

    Another avid thrifter like myself! Love this outfit, I will be back :)

    Tiff Ima