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Monday, January 21, 2013

Cute Outfit of the Day: Pastel Perfection

jacket: Goodwill $4
top: Target $12
jeans: Target $25
vintage Rush Hour shoes: gift $0
necklace: Forever 21 gift $0
Total Cost $41

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm so proud of myself- I ate really good this weekend even though we ate out 3 times! I have a sensitivity to dairy and gluten too and I've been trying to get in better shape so I've increased my workouts and I'm trying to eat better! Yay me!

I am loving pastels right now! I think they look so pretty against the white snow and gray skies! And it's just so much more cheery than dark colors! 

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  1. Brilliant jacket! for $4?? you are the best shopper ever, I think. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. I love pastels in the winter, adorable!

  3. Cute outfit, I love thrift shopping!

    Hello from your newest follower, over from the blog hop Creative Mondays

    Hope you can stop by sometime :-)

    Have a great week!

    cobalt moon jewelry

  4. Good for you eating well, especially on the weekend! I can't say the same for myself! Your outfit is fantastic I'm always blown away by what you find and put together, it's truly awe-inspiring!

  5. wow love the jacket! and what a great price!
    trish @ tales from...

  6. I like this look, I'm already into pastels so much right now! Dreaming of Spring! :)

  7. Love the top! I am always struggling with the healthy eating too. It usually goes well but sometimes you just have to stray a little ;) One thing that has really surprised me is how much better we eat because of having a child. It really makes a difference because we always make sure he gets the best.

  8. That necklace is so pretty! And I love the jacket!

  9. I have been eyeing those jeans at target for awhile now! I need to pick them up before they are gone. ;) love them and you look fabulous.
    Hailey @

  10. I have been eyeing those jeans at target for awhile now! I need to pick them up before they are gone. ;) love them and you look fabulous.
    Hailey @

  11. That jacket was $4?! Do you have an etsy store for all these fabulous thrifted finds of yours? I'm sure you must encounter things that don't fit you and it makes me intrigued to know what you do with all of those things when you have such a good eye.

    Cable Car Couture

  12. You have the best bargain Karma. My theory is that bargains rush to your fingertips via the grand design of the universe because you put them to such good use, and make them look so pretty. Just my best guess ...
    You look beautiful again, petite flower!

  13. Wow! I have heard for years and years that redheads aren't really supposed to wear pink or red (not that I agree, I guess maybe I never really notice that kind of thing?!) but these awesome pants make your hair and makeup look even MORE awesome! :) I love this outfit!

    Thanks for linking up with us on Life Lately this week!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  14. Really love this - sweet with a little black sassy jacket! Found you through Monday Mingle. Perhaps we could follow each other?

    xo Lulu

  15. This is such a fab outfit! I love every bit of it from top to bottom. The pink looks so good on you. That jacket, oh man, I would love to have one with sleeves like that and you got it at such a bargain.

  16. Such an amazing outfit! Love that top!

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  17. Wow love your jacket and such a bargain :) Thanks for sharing with us last week at Creative Mondays... Featuring your post this week :)