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Friday, December 7, 2012

Thrifty Finds Friday: 50% Yellow Tags!

Here are my thrift store finds from this week from the Goodwill on Sawmill Rd. All of their yellow tags were 50% and I actually found quite of few items on sale!

 The Limited $3.99
 Express top $3.99 but got 50% off $1.99
 Ellen Tracy $3.99 but got 50%  $1.99
 Brand New Merona for Target cardigan $4.99
a little wrinkly but such a fun color!
 Merona for Target $3.99 but got 50% off $1.99
 The Limited size Large top $5.99
 Forever 21 top $3.99
 Wet Seal top $3.99
Looks just like this Prada dress:

 Olsenboye $3.99
 J.Crew embellished t-shirt $3.99 but got 50% off $1.99
 Forever 21 tank $3.99
vintage cardigan $3.99

Any Favorites?
You can purchase some of these items and more on Ebay:

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  1. I really like the floral blazer. It has a nice fit and structure to it.

  2. I have a quick question! You always seem to find so many neat items! How often do you find items that specifically fit in you when you are thrift store shopping? I find I will sometimes find two or three cute items in good condition, but the items do not fit me well (and I am no seamstress).

  3. OH - I LOVW a good thrift run! My favorites from your finds are the vintage cardigan, the Ellen Tracy & The Olsonboye. No pants or skirts?

  4. OH - I LOVE a good thrift run! My favorites from your finds are the vintage cardigan, the Ellen Tracy & The Olsonboye. No pants or skirts?

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  5. omgosh!
    what gorgeous finds!
    i especially love the red and the black top!
    super cute!

    happy friday

    Redheaded Daybook

  6. I love the F21 tops - have a fantabulous weekend!

  7. I love the vintage cardigan and the Merona cardigan. On the Today Show this morning they were saying the hot color right now is green! I found two great Gap sweaters, a red flannel shirt, and 3 purses yesterday! I had to pay full price though. I need to try harder to get to the thrift store on the day the tag color changes before they get picked over.

  8. Lindsey! morning!

    my loves here are:
    #1. red, shiny one you showed first, limited $3.99 (opinion: a steal - my gosh! wow!)
    #2. peachy-tan with, of course, 'simple sequins', limited $5.99 (opinion: would look great in summer or winter depending on alone or jacketed = versatile)
    #3. gray t, embellished, j crew $1.99 (opinion: MAJOR STEAL, MAJOR)

    check out my post on Monday. my camera woes are over and i'll have a 'thrift shop finds' post o' me very own. see ya! or zip over now and see my new camera's close-up abilities. YAY!!!

  9. Me encantan tus compras.

  10. Love the striped tunic top - so cute and comfy looking. ;)

  11. I love the black, ruffly F21 top, that is really cute. Other great finds too. OMGosh, that Prada dress is gorgeous!!

  12. Wow that was a great thrifting haul...beautiful tops!

  13. I think I need that express top in large! That's totes my size! Will you be listing that on your shop? I rully like it :D

  14. Hi there!! I found you through a comment you left on Goodwillista's site, and I loved your blog name so I had to check it out. {Drumroll} I really like your blog!! I can't help but scroll through all your posts. I've been shopping at the Goodwill since I was 15 (and I'm now 30). You are so cute - from the cut of your hair to your style. But my favorite is how you display your "finds" on the little fashion silhouette . :) Following you now....

    You're invited to stop by!

    Blessings from OK,

  15. the Olsenboye top! Any plans to sell this one?

  16. I have a sweater close to the color of the Merona sweater. I really like the color, but not sure what to wear it with. Any suggestions? I'm 47, short, and a teacher, but I don't want to look too frumpy nor too over the top. :) Thanks!