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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Hair Secrets

I've had a lot of comments on my hair lately! Everyone wants to know how I style it, and what I use so I thought I'd take you through my process step by step. Before I get to that I have to give credit and thanks to my amazing stylist Charis! She is the genius behind the cut and color- I just do my best to make it look decent everyday! 

Here are my styling tools:
 Kenneth's Oomph!- builds volume, supports style
Kenneth's Brilliance Blow Dry Accelerator and Flat Iron Sealer- use before and after blow drying
Hair Art Ceramic Flat Iron
3 brushes- teasing pic, round brush, and 
Kenra 18 hairspray- the best hairspray ever!

 Let's get started:
 Apply Oomph and Brilliance 
Blow dry in the opposite direction to build volume
 About half way through start using the round brush to lift roots
Blow dry from roots to end as you slide the brush through the hair. Make sure you blow it in the direction of the hair to smooth down the cuticle.
 Once the hair is dry, switch the dryer to the cool setting and cool sown hair completely- this will seal in the volume and style.
 All dry! Cute but pretty flat!
 Use flat iron on the front and sides- just so it's not a curled under bob- this makes it look more modern!
 Now it's time to tease! This is really the secret to my hair! Just lift up hair and brush in the opposite direction- don't be afraid to really put some muscle into it!
 It's going to look big and scary but it's ok!
 just smooth it down! make sure you just smooth down the outer layer- you don't want to brush out  the teasing under the hair. I call this the nest! My friend joke that I keep things in there!
 If you smooth it down too much use the pointy end of the pick and stick it under the hair and lift
 Guide bangs to the side and spray the heck out of the whole thing!

 I'm pretty lucky because I get to work at Kenneth's Hair Salon and Day Spa as an Esthetician and I have access to amazing products and stylists whenever I want and for cheap! 

Also, my hair color is Koleston 77/43 with a dab of orange additive. I keep it vibrant by only washing it every 3-4 days and by using Procolor Copper Elements Shampoo and Conditioner. It deposits color into the hair as you wash.

I hope this answers all of your questions but if not just let me know! 

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  1. Even though I have curly hair I knowing how people with straight hair do their hair.

  2. Your hair really is amazing, FYI :)

  3. i used to have a very similar style, and yours looks AMAZING! i wish i could do that shade of red, but i just dont have the patience for reds -- they dont last long enough, even WITH the shampoos that deposit color!
    when you get your color done, do you have to bleach first?

    1. They did the first time because my hair was dyed dark brown but not anymore because my hair is naturally like a dark blond

  4. Super cool! You do have amazing hair. I am a Kenneth's frequenter and they have great products :) Heather

  5. Thank you!!!! This is definitely helpful.
    I have a few questions still :-).
    Since we don't have access to the Kenneth's products- can you recommend anything similar that could be purchased at a store/salon?
    And what exactly do they call your cut? I try to keep my hair cut something like the way yours is--but even with photos, I haven't been happy with the results lately. I'm going to the salon Saturday and hoping maybe a cut "name" will help.

    1. Bumble and Bumble products are great too- you basically just need a voluminizing product and a smoothing Argon oil product

      It is a "graduated bob" and it is "stacked" in the back- which means it is longer in the front than in the back. Mine is not a severe difference though- I've seen some cuts that are way shorter in the back than the front- that's your choice though! She cuts it then finishes with the razor when it's dry to give it some texture. Hope this helps!

  6. Thanks for this! I love your hair :) I used to have my hair cut like yours and find myself missing it most days, because it's so easy to make it look good.

    What do you do on the days between washes, if you don't mind my asking?

    1. I pretty much just repeat the same styling steps as when I wash it- tease, smooth, and spray. It's pretty easy! Or sometimes I'll pin my bangs back, or add a headband etc.

  7. Wow, that looks fabulous. And I love your blog name. Popped over from Transatlantic Blonde What I wore Wednesday

  8. Looks great, you always look so polished!

  9. You're hair does always look amazing! I wish I could get volume like yours. My hair is just too long and heavy to stay up!

  10. Thank you for this tutorial! My hair gets so flat...this will really help!

    p.s. - I'm your newest follower from the Blog Hop, hope you'll follow back at :)

  11. Even the first time I came to your blog, the first thing I notice was your pretty hair. If it's a lip, it is poppin'! :) Great tutorial though I seriously take forever to blow dry my hair because it's super thick and very long. I just air dry mine most of the time.

    It's Me Kaye!

  12. I am horrible at styling my own hair. I can never duplicate the salon treatment. Hopefully these tips can help! Thanks!

  13. Your hair is beautiful! I love the colour. New follower via Followers to Friends blog hop :) xxx

  14. Thanks for sharing this, especially the colour number. I had a great colour and then the last guy did it very dark and now I don't like it. I went in and redid it myself. Not easy when I have ombre. I taking this number with me the next time so they can get more like what I want. : )


  15. Great tutorial. I suffer from "flat hair syndrome" and the back combing trick is definitely what I need. You have fantastic hair--I think I love the color best of all. If I go red again, that's the shade I want!

  16. Oh this is such a fabulous post! I love how you took photos at each stage!

    You have gorgeous hair, it always looks so perfect in your photos - I love that we know your secrets now :)

    Lauren x

  17. I love your red hair!! This is a great tutorial and thanks for the names of your shampoo and conditioner. I need to start using something similar on my red, so I'll be sure to check it out!

  18. I just started using a round brush and it adds so much more volume to my hair! Loved the tips :)

  19. great post - I'm so lazy with my hair but I do look at yours and feel inspired! Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Wednesday and a very Merry Christmas to you.

  20. Hey, new follower from the followers to friends blog party. Awesome post, I love learning new hair tips. :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


  21. Question... When you say orange concentrate, do you use 0/43 or 0/33?

    1. At this time (in 2012) I was using the 0/33 but I haven't used it in awhile. now i just use 77/43