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Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Radiant; Are You?

I have the pleasure today to introduce to you to Radiant, a cosmetic company with a cause! A portion of every purchase at Radiant goes to help the fight against human trafficking. I've talked about this issue here on Thrift and Shout before. It is something God has placed heavily on my heart that's why I'm so excited about Radiant!

Here are some facts about human trafficking in case you are not familiar:
 -Over 100,000 children are trapped in sex trafficking every year just in the U.S. 
-There are actually more individuals in slavery today than at the height of the Trans Atlantic slave trade.
- It effects men, and women, adults, and children in all 50 states and beyond

Not only is Radiant doing a great thing, they are also making awesome cosmetics! Today I am modeling their Moisturizing Lipstick in Daphne. I absolutely love this poppy color! Their lipstick feels wonderful on the lips! It's hydrating, smooth, and highly pigmented!

you can check out The Radiant website here:

  coat: Goodwill $5.99
sweater: Goodwill $4.99
leggins: Goodwill $2.99
boots: Nine West $50 (got half off!)
purse: Goodwill $2.99
Total Cost: $66.96

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  1. Found you through the link up! Love your blog! I love hearing about where great deals can be found and you are in Columbus! I am from Zanesville, a short hour away! I will have to take your advice! Newest follower!

  2. Amazing lip color and I love your all black outfit!

  3. I love ur blog! Lipstick color is gorg on u n love the outfit! U inspire me, thank u!

  4. Thanks for sharing this information about Radiant cosmetic - and all the good they are doing. Your lippie is gorgeous, and I really like your chic black and gray ensemble! Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

  5. You look stunning!!! I have a very close friend that was a poli-Sci major and she specialized in Human Trafficking, so she really opened my eyes to the issues and how it's happening in our own communities. I will looking to Radiant Cosmetics and pass this information a long.
    Would love it if you can check out my blog at


  6. I am really glad to find this company. Human trafficking is something we all need to become more involved in spreading the word about and working to protect those at risk. You have gorgeous skin and look stunning in these pictures.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to this company! I love companies with a cause! Will definitely keep them in mind!

  8. I love the story behind the company, it's so awesome to see companies like this!

  9. That color is so beautiful on you! And they have such a great cause! Those facts were shocking. I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the intro!

  10. amazing clothes from goodwill!1 I never fi nd such great things. My church is having an awareness event next weekend with a speaker, a young girl from my area who was almost trapped in this. Im looking forward to hearing about this. Doesnt seem real, althought I know it exists now.

  11. What a great cause and the lipstick looks great on you.

  12. Wow!! Your makeup (and you) look incredible!! What a great cause this cosmetics company has.

  13. Oh my gosh! You look great! The outfit, the lipstick. Beautiful!


  14. I looooove this outfit!! I really suits you well, and the hair is just stunning! This is a winning look!