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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cute Outfit of the Day: Printed Denim

Forever 21 blouse: Goodwill $3.99
vintage skirt: Goodwill $3.99
purse: Forever21 $27.90
sunglasses: Target $13
bracelet: Target $10
Target shoes: Goodwill $3.99
Total Cost: $62.87

I have several of these printed denim jean skirts from the thrift store and I just love them! I assume they were probably from the 80's. And now colored and printed denim is back in a big way!

What a crazy weekend! We had a terrible storm early Friday evening that knocked out power to over 600,000 homes and businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area. When the power went off I just happened to be at work giving a client a bikini wax. I had to send the poor woman home even though I had only done one side! Thankfully our power at home was only off from Friday evening until 9:30am Saturday morning but many are still without power! I was supposed to work on Saturday but the power was still off at the salon so I got a free day off! So all in all it was a pretty good weekend for me!

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  1. Hey! I love all the cute stuff you find at thrift stores! I used to live in Columbus and had no idea that they were such a treasure trove of style delight! I'm trying to get better at thrift store/yard sale shopping and fashion in general. I love all the outfits you post!

    I'm a new follower!

  2. Nice outfit! I like how you put the yellow purse in there with the red shoes, I would never think to do that but it looks great. I'm a little older than you : ) and was taught to match our shoes and bags but I see everywhere that women are mixing it up, I like it! I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now, thanks!

    1. No, I remember growing up we always matched our shoes, belt and purse! My mom still really struggles with this! Thanks for reading!

  3. Lindsey, I chuckled about the bikini wax half finished. Love your sunglasses on you, great fit and look. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Your outfit is so adorable!

    I read that about the bikini wax and I DIED! That is SO funny.


  5. i love the outfit! i wish i had good luck thrifting... between that and the make up, i think you could teach me quite a few things!

    and i died at the bikini wax story... SO funny!!!

  6. Love the purse! I am thinking of getting a yellow purse!


  7. A very balanced outfit with a beautiful skirt. I love clothes with polka dots. Do not like my post about your style? Some friends found it perfect.

  8. I am loving the sunnies!
    follow back??
    xoxo Ivana