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Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodwill Finds of the Week: BOGO on all Dresses

This week at Goodwill I got BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on all dresses!
 adorable H&M heart dress $4.99
black cotton stretch t-shirt dress $FREE
I thought this would be like a comfortable blank canvas for fun accessories!
 BCBG halter dress $4.99
 Theme brand shirt dress $FREE
 Forever 21 fun printed cotton dress $4.99
 I Heart Ronson floral dress $FREE
 J.Crew t-shirt $3.99
 Forever 21 taffeta blouse $3.99
vintage Hawaiian crop top $3.99
totally trendy!

Any Favorites?
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  1. Love the pink & black H&M dress ... funky, cute and looks like it will be fun to style!
    Also, the yellow BCBG halter is a great summer dress and would fabulous with turquoise! pippa

  2. Um all of them! Great finds :)

  3. wow...haha...this is crazy sale! They are already so low price to begin with. Great dresses and tops. Looks like you need more closet space!


  4. I love that first dress! It seems like the Goodwills in Columbus have some better sales/promotions than the ones here in Dayton- I don't think I've seen a store here do BOGO sales or do those awesome punch cards like you mentioned in a previous post.

  5. the hawaiian crop top!!! i've been looking for something like that with a vintage-y fun print for summer.

  6. Love the H&M heart dress and the Forever 21 dress!

  7. Love the H&M heart dress. Great prices! The GW thrift stores in my area (Southern Calif) sell their dresses for $7.99.

  8. Great finds! How lucky it was buy 1 get one free! :)