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Friday, May 25, 2012

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Entire Outfit for $.61!

I did the old lunch break stop at the Polaris Goodwill on Tuesday. The last time I was there I filled up my punch card so I knew I had $10 off my purchase! I ended up putting together a full name brand outfit (top, skirt, and purse) for only $.61! Check it out:
 Forever 21 boutique sweater $.20
 Topshop skirt $.20
 vintage purse $.21

Then on Wednesday I went to the Campus Goodwill
 White House Black Market dress $3.99
 vintage sequin top! $3.99
I can never have enough sequins!
 gorgeous Cynthia Rowley silk blouse $3.99
great expensive brand!
 Forever 21 floral blouse $3.99
 This amazing Asian dress fits like a glove! $4.99
I have another one just like it from the same Goodwill but in a totally different fabric- see here

Do any of the Goodwill's in your area have punch cards? I live in Ohio's Franklin county and those Goodwill's don't have them but the stores in Marion, Morrow, Union, Delaware, and Crawford counties do! Most of those stores are pretty far from me except the Polaris one which is near my work.

Any Favorites?

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  1. i WISH my goodwill had a punchcard! i love browsing through all the racks, but i would definitely head there a lot more with that sort of incentive!

  2. I almost bought the sequined tank last week and looked for it again when i was there last night. No wonder I couldn't find it! I was lucky enough to score a Mulberry bag at VOA for only $5, just to find out they retail at $1000+. Definitely my best find ever!

  3. my goodwill has a punchcard! This is just awesome, love all of your finds especially that bag!!

  4. We have punch cards too, but only on special occasions. Boo!! That vintage bag is amazing! :) Amanda

  5. Woohoo...well done Lindsey! You are truly the queen of thrift...your blog is always full of wonderful finds. I like your amazing 61 cents outfit. The sequined top and silk top are fabulous too


  6. Can't beat that price for an entire outfit! Goodwill here doesn't have punch cards or do any sort of discounts :-( But nevertheless, I've still gotten great deals there (we have 2 in town).

  7. What is the address for your ebay? I just started following your blog and I love it! and noticed you sell pieces on ebay, but coudn't find a link to it.

  8. I LOOOOVE that bag. I've been having a hard time finding purses lately- that one's killer.

    :) Ally @ Fever Thrift