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Friday, April 27, 2012

Volunteers of America Finds of the Week

Here are my latest finds from Volunteers of America:
 sequin sleeved sheer top $4.99
 tropical print wrap dress $2.99
 Express top $4.99
 pink pencil skirt $2.99
 Fioni heels $2.99
Steve Madden Pumps $4.99

Any favorites?
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  1. Love the shape of that wrap dress! Love the print, too.

  2. love both pairs of shoes !

  3. Hiss...I love the Steve Madden snakeskin shoes! I can't believe the amazing prices you find. I recently thrifted some Steve Madden clogs that were $ 17.99, Eeeekkss....that is "officially" the most I've ever paid on shoes at a thrift store. Was a major splurge for me, but they will be in heavy rotation this spring/summer. :) Amanda

  4. the pumps the pumps!!! I want I want hahaha do u see my use of alliteration? My daughter taught me that today. I am the proud mother to Rosa Madeline Michaelson! She looks just like her daddy :)