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Friday, April 6, 2012

Goodwill Finds of the Week: New With Tags

Here are my latest finds from the Goodwill on Campus:
 Express blouse $3.99
 Ann Taylor LOFT top $3.99

And my finds from the Goodwill at Polaris:
 Forever 21 shorts $3.99
 Forever 21 skirt $3.99
 Ann Taylor sweater $3.99
I love the 50's demure but sort of sexy look of this top!
 International Concepts heels $3.99

And my finds from the Goodwill on Morse Rd.:
 BRAND NEW target bracelet $2.99
 BRAND NEW Target watch $6.99
 Vintage broach $2.99
 BRAND NEW Target earrings $2.99 org $16.99
 BRAND NEW Target necklace $2.99 org. $44.99
 BRAND NEW Target necklace $2.99 org. $44.99
 Bright yellow lace top $3.99
will be selling!
 BRAND NEW Target dress $4.99
 Forever 21 dress $4.99
These tropical prints are super trendy right now!
 top $3.99
 BRAND NEW Express dress $4.99 org $69.50!

I can't believe all of the new items I found! Am I retail shopping or thrift shopping? I'm getting confused by all of these original tags! Any Favorites?

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  1. The tag on express dress and the f21 tropical dress.

  2. You got some REALLY awesome deals this week! I am so jealous of your finds!!

  3. Omg! I love all ur finds! I live in Pa. n rarely find good things. Awesome job!

  4. Just came across your it! I can't believe how many amazing things you find thrifting. I have sort of given up on thrift stores, but you've given me new hope!


  5. Thank you for swinging by my blog and commenting, and I'm really excited to have found yours. I've just recently started thrift shopping, and love your inspiring finds! Following now. :)

  6. I love that tropical F21 dress! Great find.

  7. these are great finds! well done. I heart thrifting too!

    xo Nav

  8. ammmazing!! i cannot believe that express dress you got, girlie!! i cannot wait to thrift this week ;-) hope youre having a great weekend!!

    x james

  9. LOVE to find pieces with tags still attached! And I'm soooo guilty of it too! Dropping something off at goodwill or buyback with tags! hah!

    Happy Easter!!! Hope your day is fab :)
    xx holly foxen wells

  10. Damn!!! those are such a GREAT purchase!!! You can't believe all this items you found??? I CAN'T BELIEVE!!! Lucky you!!! ENVYYYYY.....

  11. I love love the red and blue floral top! You snagged some fabulous pieces! As a teacher being able to find stylish and inexpensive clothing is a must!