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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Trend Alert: Shine

 The inspiration:
 Manish Arora
 Christopher Kane
Gianfranco Ferre

And here is how I rock the Shine Trend:
 dress: Goodwill $4.99
shoes: Target: $24.99
Total Cost: $29.98

I snatched this dress up from the campus Goodwill just minutes after it hit the racks! As soon as I saw it I was in love! Shine was a big trend from the Spring 2012 runways. Shine means not just gold or silver but think one step further, liquid metal, iridescents, and perlization. Shine was seen on almost everything from jackets, to dresses, to high top sneakers! 

I'm gonna shine this spring. How about you?
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  1. Shine On! What a great dress! What an amazing find and price at Goodwill. Simply fabulous.

  2. Wow that was a great find! I'm loving it with the shoes too!

    I'm a Queen wanna be...or McQueen wanna be.. check out my DIY!

  3. LOVE this dress! It looks like something designer and expensive! You have a great thrifter's eye.

  4. Dress from Goodwill!?! SWEET FIND!!

    I love these looks... they remind me of a mermaid :)

    xo Rachel

  5. I like this chinoiserie look, it's a chinese dress called Cheongsam here, and you modernize it and made it look so fabulous, I like the fabric, very chic. Fits you perfectly too.


  6. Oh wow, you are a super thrifter! I have never really had the patience for thrift shopping (rummaging my mother's wardrobe is the extent of my thrift shopping haha...) but you've convinced me that it can indeed be worth the effort! You look so lovely! The sheen of that material is just exquisite.

    <3 Mandy xx