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Friday, March 2, 2012

Goodwill finds of the Week: Tory Burch- No Big Deal

 Missoni for Target skirt $3.99
vintage sequin skirt $3.99
 and the matching sequin top $3.99
 and all together
 Forever 21 top $3.99
 Merona for Target top brand new! $4.99
Fire by Nordstrom floral dress $4.99
The Limited gingham top $3.99
 belts $1.99 each
 BCBG gold pumps $3.99
 Forever 21 jacket $3.99
the back is all lace!
 Laundry by Shelli Segal dress $5.99
this one needs a little repair- the zipper is pulling away from the dress but that's an easy fix!
Jones New York leopard tunic top $3.99
Fever brand light pink sweater $3.99
Express celery green cardigan $3.99
 vintage top $3.99
Tory Burch dress $5.99

I can't believe I found a Tory Burch dress! I almost screamed a loud in the store! That dress originally retailed for $395! Even on sale at it's lowest it was $202 on! Crazy! It is in perfect condition too! What a find!
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  1. omg awesooooommee! a TB find! love all of your picks, but this is amazing :)

  2. Wow! That's amazing. You grabbed some good picks!

  3. wow, incredible finds, especially the Tory Burch dress, that's awesome! xx

  4. the tory burch dress is gorgeous!! how lucky :)) so very gorgeous!!

    Dont miss my 4 HARVEY PRINCE PERFUMES Worldwide giveaway :)

  5. You did well my friend!! That TB dress is an absolutely steal, and I really like the gold heels as well!

  6. thats awesome about the dress! I found some J brand jeans at goodwill for $6.99 :)

  7. Lindsey I have a specific Goodwill that I go to to get Tory Burch. I have found 5 pieces there. It's crazy how expensive her things are and that people just donate them. Great finds. I especially love the Jones tunic. Have a great weekend. dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. Ah!! That's awesome!!! What a fab find! XO Maggie

  9. OMG...that tory burch dress...ok first of all how did it land up at Goodwill? Second of all...what a fab find! I like the orange F21 top as found some great items!

  10. Wow. What a gorgeous dress! I also love that vintage top.

  11. Holy Cow the Tory Burch is a great find! I also really like the Missoni skirt.

  12. Will you be ebaying/selling the TB dress? Perhaps? Ahem, wink wink. Love it!

  13. Great finds! Especially love the TB dress and Vintage Top! ♥

  14. is it your size? keeping or sel]ling? I mean, that's a decent amount of dough . . . ;)

  15. Wow, such amazing finds!! Love so many of the items ou´ve picked, you´re so lucky!


  16. excellent - I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Tory Burch dress!