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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Lilly Pulitzer and more!

Here are my latest Goodwill Finds:
 dress $5.99
 American Eagle Jeans $5.99
I got these to cut off into jorts (jean shorts) but now they look so nice I'm not sure if I want to cut them off?
 Converse One Star Lavender Stripe Shirt Dress $4.99
 New York & Co. Silk Top/Dress $4.99
 Ann Klein Trench $4.99
super nice! will be selling!
 dress $4.99
not sure who made it as there is no tag?
 Red Floral Dress $4.99
Tags still on! was originally $80 at Macy's
 Talbots Silk Dress $4.99
Tags still on! Originally sold for $159!
 Floral Dress $4.99
 Zara Bird Print Dress $4.99
 Lilly Pulitzer Polo $3.99
will be going up for sale
 Open Weave summer weight sweater $3.99
 Polka Dot Blouse $3.99
 Snow Leopard Cardi $3.99
 Sheer Blouse $3.99
There is just something about this blouse that i just love! I think it's the apple green in it. So pretty!
Lilly Pulitzer Dress $4.99
I will be selling this one as well!

Any Favorites?
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  1. You made a lot of amazing finds this week! What size is the Anne Klein trench? Can you send me some details on where/how you are selling it? (

  2. I loooove the red floral dress & New York & Co. Silk Top/Dress!!! Awesome finds :)

  3. I want the red floral dress!! That's my favorite dress shape and I love the red poppies! Sell it to me? :-D

    How can I learn to love thrifting & find things I'll actually wear? I have bad thrifting memories from middle school and high school (no, mom, that sweater was definitely NOT cool). Having seen what you find and what friends of mine have found, I want to give it another shot but I've gone a few times and haven't found much of anything. Are there any tricks to making it more successful - or at the very least, more fun?

    1. Hey there! My helpful hint to you is to find stores off the beaten path. Be prepared to spend hours going through the racks dealing with sizing - they don't always size correctly and people stick things out of place. Sometimes the size tag is removed and they guess at the size, so you have to try on. Wear tight fiting clothing that you can slip something over. I do all tight and throw on a cardigan I can remove as needed. The thrift I hang at doesn't often have a dressing room or it's crowded or you just don't want to take the time. Make sure they item fits - generally well - you can always remove material but you can't add it. You have to devote hours to digging to really find deals. I try to hit up 2-3 stores a week sometimes same day sometimes I do one a day. You have to be willing to stick with it and see wrinkled diamonds in the rough. Oh another good trick, carry a tide stain stick. Sometimes a small little spot is removable....get it, launder and you have a find man!!!!

  4. The first dress and the red & white one too. Fun stuff!

  5. love your finds... btw, did you find the body form on thrift as well? what a great way to display/photograph your finds!

  6. Goodwill is the best. I like all your finds. You have a lot of good fashion choices here.

  7. i <3 that red floral dress and the first one...good work, as usual!

  8. Omg, I have that exact same black and white and yellow floral dress! not quite sure it fits, it might be in a holding pattern somewhere, waiting for its day to shine again. ;) But nice finds! :)

  9. Whoa! I love all the dresses - especially the orange New York and Co. one! Loving orange for the spring :)

  10. love the zara birds dress! too bad that ones not going up :)

  11. Really liking the LP brown dress but that color is so hard for me because, well, I'm brown too! LOL So it kind of washes me out....or should I say 'blends with me.' (?)

  12. the New York & Co. silk dress is my favorite!! the red floral one is also adorable. great finds!