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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Buy One Get One FREE!

Here are my finds from the Goodwill on Morse Rd. They were having Buy one Get one free on Ladies tops and sweaters! Sorry everything is so wrinkly! I left them in the bag for like a week- Woops!
\Merona for Target Brand New Dress $4.99
I got this because I thought my mom would look pretty in it.
 Missoni for Target Jacket $5.99
 Missoni for Target Silk Cami $4.99
 Express Shirt Dress $4.99
 Echo Brand New Velvet Top $3.49
 Bebe Lipstick Print Strapless Top $FREE
 Merona for Target Brand New Gray Sweater $3.49
 Forever 21 Tie Neck Sweater $FREE
 Formal Dress $4.99
I am stocking up on formal dresses for my news segment on Prom and to sell on Ebay
 Old Navy Shirt Dress $4.99
This one is definitely going to Florida with me when I go in 2 weeks!
 Vintage Mint Green Silk Blouse $3.49
Love this color!
 Old Navy Gingham Shirt $FREE
 Fitted Pink Blouse $3.49
 Old Navy Tie Neck Blouse $FREE
 American Eagle Brand New Scarf $1.99
 Black Patent Leather Bow Belt $1.99
I think I'm going to cut off the tails of the bow- they are too much!
Merona for Target Brand New Wedges $3.99

Lots of Brand New stuff from this trip and some more Missoni items! 
Any Favorites?
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  1. Lindsey what a thrift haul. I wish our Goodwill had these sales. I wonder why they don't? Love the bow belt and great idea to cut off the is just adorable. I wonder when Jason Wu will show up at Target. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Wow your goodwill has some awesome finds. The trench is awesome--great for spring! Our goodwill doesn't do sales; but our Salvation Army has 50% clothes every Wednesday, so I like to make that a regular "errand".

  3. can't believe people are already casting off their target missoni, oh well, makes better thrifting for us! i am really ling that blue dress and the orange scarf. i am on the lookout for orange shirts and a mustard cardi.

  4. My favourite is the 1st one! Btw, there´s an award in my blog for you darling!


  5. Love it all.

  6. Great finds! Maybe you have already addressed this, but any tips on how to find these great things at the thrift store? I never seem to find such great things. Are there better days to go? Better locations? Thanks and keep up the great work inspiring all of us!

  7. oh how i love goodwill.
    always great surprises.

    xo katlin

  8. That lipstick printed top is too cute!