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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Goodwill Grand Opening Preview

Like I mentioned yesterday, I got to go to the new Campus Goodwill and pull a rack full of clothing for the Grand Opening this Saturday! The store is looking so good! There was so much great clothing to choose from! I filled an entire rack in no time!
Here is my rack:
 Isn't the sign so cool!

 And here are just some of my picks:
 gorgeous Alfani coat
 H&M Suede/Shearling Coat
 Vintage Floral Dress
 Vintage dress
Express Crochet Maxi Dress- wasn't this in the store just last Summer?
 Men's Vintage Western Plaid Shirt
 Men's Army Green Parka Coat
 Men's Vintage Leather Jacket
 Woman's Red Jeans
 Red Vintage Skirt
 White Lace Skirt with tags on and a Khaki Skirt with really cute enamel buttons
 Black and White Skirt
 Graphic Print Silk Skirt
 Orange J.Crew Jacket
 lots of fun bright colored tops!
 Vintage Sleeveless jacket
 Ann Taylor and Merona Silk Patterned Tops- tags on!
 Vintage white lace top
 Style & Co. Sequin Tank
 Forever 21 Kimono Silk Top
 Embroidered Top
 lots of fun striped tops in all sizes!
 adorable top with belt- tags on!
 Purple/White Tunic Top
 F21 Striped Cardigan
 super cool zip up sweater
 Green Cardigan with Rosettes- tags on!
 Ann Taylor LOFT Leopard sweater
 Vintage Black/Gold Shimmery Sweater
 Banana Republic Suede Jacket
 Adorable Pea Coat with Fur Lined Hood
 Vintage coat
 Green Trench/ Raincoat
 Vintage Tweed Jacket
 Mossimo zipper detail tank- tags on!
 Kenzie coat
See anything you can't live without? Well get yourself to the Goodwill on High St. at Hudson this Saturday January 21st  from 11am to 1pm and get some amazing stuff! This is all I'm going to show you right now! You have to come on Saturday to the rest of the store! Trust me, you'll want to be there!

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  1. I am so sad that I can't be there - you are showing so many great finds. Have a wonderful shopping time!

  2. I love the sign! Congrats!! I love the stuff you picked out for your rack!

    ♥ Shia

  3. I can't wait!! My housemate and I are going extra early just to make sure we get there in time to score some great things!! I love the sequin tank, leopard cardigan (I have been searching everywhere!), & the red jeans!! Your rack will be my first stop!


  4. I find the best stuff at Goodwill. Fashion gets trendier there. Also, toys and books are great there too.

  5. so cute you picked an entire rack! really great stuff! thanks for the comment and my little sister did my make up

  6. What a great marketing idea from Goodwill. Partnering with bloggers is the way to go. I love a lot of the pieces you chose, in specific that vintage gold sweater. I am such a sucker for anything shimmery and comfortable.


  7. Ahhh I want it all! The only Goodwill I have found near me so far is way too expensive and not that great. I had to go double check where you live to see if it was anywhere close! Alas, if we are ever visiting Ohio it looks like this would have to be a stop. :-)