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Monday, December 19, 2011


As the title says we took a little trip to IKEA in West Chester, Ohio yesterday. It's about 1 3/4 hours  from Columbus, Ohio where we live. We went in search of kitchen knives, sheepy rugs, and a tray of cinnamon rolls and we ended up with all that and much more! That always seems to happen to us at IKEA! How about you?
 I went with my husband Jason, and my friends Joshua and Alicia
 Jason, Joshua, and Alicia
 Me! I got this Billy bookcase for all my shoes! Plus extra shelves of course!
my husband, Jason
my friends Joshua, and Alicia
 We ended up getting this Karlstad couch for our basement. We got 15% back on a gift card for buying it!
 Jason and Joshua playing office

 cute little Alicia
 these guys are so silly! I love it!
 that's our new couch! It will arrive tomorrow! More pictures to come!

My Outfit:
fur vest: Volunteers Of America $5.99
paisly blouse: Xhileration  for Target via Goodwill $3.49
jeans: F21 $20
necklace: F21 $10
Total Cost: $39.48

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  1. I know, who can resist Ikea, right?! ;) especially at Xmas.

  2. LOVE Ikea - but try to avoid it during the holidays and on the weekends :)


  3. We really need an Ikea in Columbus!

  4. Congrats on a new couch! I love IKEA, it's dangerous to go there because every time I get something much more than I originally came for... :)
    Good luck!

  5. I love, love, love Ikea. Even if I don't buy anything (which is very rare indeed), just the Ikea experience is enough for me. Your pictures of Ikea displays in-action are hilarious!

    <3Jackie @Let's Go Thrifting!