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Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Two Lots

I have been finding so much great stuff lately that I'm going to combine 2 separate Goodwill hauls. The first lot was from The Polaris Goodwill: 
 Merona by Target tweed shift dress. The tweed material and frayed edges on the seams reminds me of Chanel. So classy! $5.99
 City Triangles floral dress. Fun and flirty, great colors! $5.99
 Ann Taylor Petites Shirt dress. You can never go wrong with a classic shirt dress especially in black! $5.99
Brand new Mossimo by Target heels. These are so hot! $4.29
Charlotte Russe platform sandals. I love shoes with wood heels! $3.29
 I just love the color of this top and the crochet detail on the sleeves is so pretty! $3.29

Then this 2nd lot in from the Goodwill on Morse Rd.
 These might be a little dressy for everyday life but I just fell in love with these gorgeous deep red silk shoes! $3.99
 Vintage David Barr Shantung Silk Jacket $4.99
With the bright color trend going on this is an old piece that is so right now! Watch for this one on Ebay!
 I am so in love with this vintage buttery soft leather skirt. It has a high waist and fits so nice! $3.99
 Flapper style dress by Forever 21 $4.99
Some people tell me that they might thrift shop for their everyday clothes but not for work clothes. As if there is nothing st the thrift store nice enough to wear to work. But I am here to tell you, you can find clean, crisp, professional clothing from the thrift store. I wear a uniform top but I get all of my work pants at the thrift store! I got these for $2

Any Favorites?
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  1. I bought a black shirt dress at the Morse Rd Goodwill that is very similar to yours!
    And I don't know who these people are that think you can't find nice clothes at thrift stores, but they are dead wrong. It's a testament to our consumerist culture, but plenty of folks buy things brand new and only wear them a few times before giving them away.

  2. I am in love with that first dress. SO CUTE!

  3. um, i need somewhere to go with all the brand new dress clothes i've found while thrifting! it's the more casual stuff that's harder to find for me because it's usually more worn than the dressy stuff! most of the dress/work clothes i've found still has tags on it! you're so inspiring! the only blog i follow...i was wondering where you'd gone when you hadn't posted in a few days! glad you had a nice trip! :)

  4. oh gosh! i love that blue shantung silk jacket and flapper dress!!! i have time today, maybe i'll head out to the goodwill myself!!

  5. wonderful pieces!!! like them so much!!!!!!!!

  6. I LOVE everything you hauled! In ohio? Me too...I will have to check those stores out. I stay in circleville and off high street mostly as I'm fairly new to Ohio. Excited I found you or you found me! I love thrifting it's bordering obsession :)

  7. I love love love the shift dress from Target!! I think we must be the same size..if you ever want to do a Goodwill swap let me know!!

  8. Thanks for swinging by my blog to leave a comment, otherwise I don't know that I would have ever stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it! Some of your deals are incredible! I get excited just reading about it lol. I am now following and look forward to reading many more of your posts! :)

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the flapper dress! Great finds :-)

  10. I agree completely! Before I started working, I thought my days of Goodwill were going to be over and I would have to buy overpriced department store things. But I love working all my thrifty finds into professional wear! All of those dresses are amazing...I am seriously craving some shopping now.

  11. Ah, I love the first 3 dresses! I'm jealous!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment on my military vest remix. I like discovering fellow thrifters' blogs and I'm now following yours.

    You got some great deals! My favourites are the skirt dress (love the built-in belt, slight sheen, and classic cut), the platform sandals (perfect pairing for a summer dress or linen pants) and the deep red silk shoes.

  13. You did awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm going to follow, hope you'll return the favor? The red heels are my fave :)


  14. Happy Monday!! You have won the Liebster Blog award!!

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

  15. the last dress is really gorgeous! Your goodwill is not cheap it's ridiculously cheap!


  16. Hi doll!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :) I see you buy thrifted shoes. I just recently started purchasing some. Can you do a post on how to sanitize thrifted shoes, please? Thank you.

    --- Nicole

  17. Were can i buy that black flapper dress from .