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Thursday, August 18, 2011

National Thrift Shopping Day: See How It Went

National Thrift Shopping Day was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came out to the Volunteers of America on Indianola! I met so many wonderful people who love thrift shopping just like me! And, If you weren't there then you missed out on lots of great deals- just saying!
This was the sign on the door-yes, with my picture on it! How crazy is that!
 This was our table where we had a free raffle for a $25 gift card to VOA
 Every customer got a copy of my 5 best thrift shopping tips
 This is Kathryn. She is the Communications Director for VOA and the person who is responsible for getting me hooked up with VOA and for connecting me with Fox 28! Love her!
 Kathryn and I "womaning" the table
  I know you want to know what I wore so here it is...

 My skirt is actually a school uniform and it has shorts underneath so I can do all the cartwheels I want!
 tank top: J.Crew via Goodwill $3.49
sweater: Forever 21 via VOA $2.99
skirt: VOA $1.99
shoes: VOA $3.99
necklace: VOA $4.99
Total Cost: $17.45

On Monday I took some time to pick out as many outfits as I could and we displayed them for people to buy

 My mom came in and I helped her pick out some great stuff
 We filled a whole shopping cart
 My mom got this amazing fur coat for only $10! Isn't it gorgeous!
Now for all my amazing finds! A vintage ice bucket- where was this when we were shopping for my Mad Men Party? It would have been so perfect!
 A mug marked 1966. I love the shape and colors!
 My mom got these for me and my husband, Jason
I got this game that is in all German for my friend Sara who is fluent in German
 A vintage broach $3.99
 A BCBG plum colored lace body suit $1!
 A Missoni looking sweater $4.99
 A kimono top. This is such a cool, unique item. I wish it fit me but it doesn't so I'll sell it on Ebay
 A detailed neckline t-shirt $1.99
 A floral ruffly blouse. This will look so pretty tucked into a skirt. I love the colors with my hair. $3.99
All this for only $25! What great deals!
But my favorite part of the day was definitely when a young boy who must have seen my name on the door says to me, "Who is this Lindsey Turner?" I said, "Well, that's me!". Then he said "oh yeah, I know you! You are that famous singer!" Ah, kids...
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  1. It sounds like a fun and successful day. I really like the items your mom bought as well as that green v-neck with detailing.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I am from Columbus too, so I wish I would have known about this. I am a big fan of thrift shopping and love the thrill of the hunt! You scored some great items and love the coat for your mom!


  3. Fashionista + Singer = Awesome!!!
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  4. You look so pretty and chic Lindsey! I didn't know there were shorts underneath that skirt! That's so cool! And your mom's fur coat is pretty rocking as well! xoxoxoo

  5.'re famous! Your pictures are everywhere. I hope someday I can also be a thrift ambassador like you, helping people to save money and cutting down landfills. What a fun day for you! And great pictures, and the lovely finds. Your outfit is wonderful as well, the school skirt is a fabulous find.


  6. and oh your new blog look too

  7. are you selling that kimono?! i totally want it! i've been looking for a thrifted kimono, lol. do you have your ebay link if it's still available?

  8. I am going to put it up on Ebay (I haven't yet!) I will send a message with the link when I do! It is so beautiful- you will love it!

  9. Lindsey!

    Thanks again for coming out. I just saw this and guess what? I'm wearing the pink skirt from the suit you pulled as we speak! I'm going to have to set up more events for you just so you can be my personal shopper :)

    Happy thrifting!

    Communications Manager
    Volunteers of America