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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Goodwill Find: The End Table of My Dreams

My news segment from yesterday has not been posted yet on the Fox 28 website so check back tomorrow- hopefully I will have it for you then!

For quite a while now I've been looking for a new end table for our living room. I wanted something vintage and didn't want to pay more than $10. Well after many months of keeping an eye out, I found the perfect one! I got this cute little table at the Goodwill on Morse Rd. for only $8.99! I love that it has a little storage on the bottom and it has some really nice detailing!

 This is the table we had there before. It is actually one of our bedside tables so it will be nice to have that back. Also I never thought it fit the space or the look of our living room. See, it's too tall and not long enough and we have no other white furniture in this room:

See how well the new table fits:
and it matches our other furniture:
Here is a wider view for you. Day:

What so you think? Do you prefer vintage or new furniture?
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  1. Definitely vintage! But I can't help wanting half the store when I go to ikea haha. That table was a great price! If fits perfectly :D

  2. very nice! Vintage 101%


  3. VINTAGE!!! Except when it comes to couches, gotta go new on that.

  4. New furniture in my case :-)
    Kisses from Spain, I follow you :-)

  5. I have been dying for a campaign dresser just like yours! Where did you find it ?! (Another great thrifting score perhaps? :)

  6. Nicole P- You guessed it! I got my campaign dresser at Goodwill for only $25!

  7. I like the mix of vintage with new. Love the dresser!