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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interviews, Baseball, and Big Bows

So today is a pretty exciting day for me! At 12pm today I am meeting with a writer from 614 magazine to be interviewed about thrift shopping! We are meeting at the Volunteers of America on Henderson Rd.- the one I did the grand opening at. 614 is a very nice local magazine. My husbands band was actually featured in 614 magazine last month! We've decided that we should frame our articles and hang them side by side! Lots of exciting stuff going on in the Turner household!
Then tonight we are traveling up to Cleveland, Ohio to see our Yankees play the Cleveland Indians! We are taking our friends, The Howells with us. You might remember the very pregnant Pami from the baby shower post. She is due in a few short weeks but she still wanted to with us! Hopefully we won't have any surprises tonight! 
I have a few leftover pictures from the 4th that I wanted to share with you. My friend Sara takes these crazy cool pictures with her phone. I already showed you what I wore in the morning on the 4th but after a day in the hot sun I changed for the evening events. I felt like wearing my loose and comfy denim dress but I needed a little red and white to add to the outfit. Then I found this scarf and it was perfect! Look how cute it turned out:

Jason & Me

I love how the bow is slightly over sized. I wondered if it was too big at first but then I decided that that's what makes it so cute!
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