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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inside The Parade of Homes 2011

Every year in central Ohio, there is an event called The Parade of Homes. Builders, Decorators, and Landscape Architects come together to create one amazing neighborhood for the public to view. Maybe you have something like this in your home town. I know they do them all over. 
Well, for my Dad and I this is one of our favorite things of the whole year! We have been attending the Parade for as long as I can remember. Even though the houses are way out of our price range, we still love to look and get ideas for smaller projects and decorating. I thought I'd share with you what I thought were some of the highlights from this years Parade of Homes!

Beautiful neutral dining room with amazing wood paneling on the walls
 I love everything about this bedroom esp the gray and yellow but done in subtle tones
 the amazing chairs in the bedroom
 love this bathroom floor tile
 rustic chic basement bathroom- now that's right up my western loving alley!
 love the blue painted cabinet and the photo wall. I noticed a lot more personal photography wall hangings rather than paintings this year. Also, a lot of photo walls!
 cool rustic table
 adorable! love the painted furniture
 This was my absolute most favorite bedroom! The settee is amazing! This is the same wall color that we have in our dining room! It is so gorgeous for almost any room!
 Maybe you've seen this before but I never had. Using glitter in a stencil to give your walls some bling. I saw this in several houses. Custom painting seemed to be a big trend. Many walls looked like they were wallpapered but they were really painted.
 Amazing ceiling in this living room. We saw lots of ceilings painted colors other than white. I really want to try it in our house!
 I feel head over heels in love with this rug! I'm sure it costs a fortune.
 cool loft area in one of the bedrooms. How fun would that have been when you were a kid? I still think it would be fun!
 This basement was so super cool. The ceiling was unfinished and painted gray and everything was super industrial and manly.
 This is the bathroom in this basement. Check out the legs on this sink!
 This bathroom was really beautiful
 love the stone wall

 cool tv stand
 sliding barn doors leading from the kitchen/ living room area into an office. I like it when offices are off of the main living area and not separate so you can still feel connected to other people in the house or you can shut the door if you want!
This was my favorite entry. I'd like to scale it way down and put it on our house!
 This kitchen literally took my breath away. It is just so gorgeous! I didn't want to leave it!
 love these lights
 now that's a range hood!
 I love how it's all cut out like it's furnture
 Then this is the cozy and inviting sunroom off of the kitchen. I would spend so much time here!
 cute sink
 I have never in my life seen a nursery that I love as much as this one. Chocolate brown walls, white woodwork, fluffy white rug, antique dressers, and bird themed- perfection! Makes me almost want to have a baby- nehh!
 the other side of the nursery
 I love these drapes
 gorgeous headboard
 yes, please
 ceiling light in the adjoining bathroom
 This is just one side of this closet...I'm drooling!
 This bathroom was so absolutely gorgeous. The pictures don't do it justice!
 built in cabinet gives it some older house appeal

 I've never seen a tiled ceiling in a shower stall before but I like it!
 Dad checking out the man's grill

 This house had an extraordinary view that you could see as soon as you came in the front door! You don't get that much in central Ohio
 I loved this chair and the artwork too!

Sorry I now that was a lot of pictures but I hope you enjoyed them and maybe got a little inspiration for your own home! I'm off to figure out what color I want to paint our ceilings...

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  1. Very good way to get ideas :) I really like the first few photos... neutral with pops of color, especially the gray with yellow.
    I need to find out if we have something like this in St. Louis.

  2. That is such a great house! The only thing that bothers me are the carpet, I really think that they can do without it. In my opinion it is just so much classier to have stained concrete in a house as beautiful as that. Either way it is still a very beautiful house! Great article!

  3. I just wish we had such an event in our place. This is indeed a great way to get some ideas from such amazing homes. Some of my favorites are the first dining room, the second bedroom, all the bathrooms, the amazing kitchen, and that beautiful sunroom. Again, I hope we had such an awesome event in our neighborhood.

  4. It sure is amazing to see living spaces looking vibrant and cozy as the ones shown in this post. Those who want to have the similar look can use this post as reference when they do decide to have a makeover project of their in the future.