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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: Yellow Polka Dot... Dress

I went to Salvation Army last week and was able to put together a whole outfit! I love it when that happens! I am particularly excited about this dress! I think it is my new favorite and from my husbands eye bulging reaction, I think it is his new favorite too! As if the yellow and white polka dot print isn't great enough, the dress has these great clear and silver buttons. I echoed the silver in the braided belt. Then I found this great white leather vintage clutch that was actually never used!  Ahh! What a great day!

dress: Salvation Army $1.99
belt: Salvation Army $1.99
clutch: Salvation Army $1.99
bracelet: Forever 21 $3.90
sandals: Old Navy $10

Total Cost: $19.87
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  1. This outfit is too cute! I'm curious, do you ever make alterations or are you lucky enough to find everything in your size?

  2. Febe- I often fall in love with an item that doesn't really fit that well. So I do a good amount of alterations!


  3. I love dresses, I love yellow and I love polka dots.. and this is a great combination!! I love it!

  4. Love this outfit..To cute for words!

  5. You have such a knack for finding the best stuff! I went by the goodwill in my area, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be quite as good as other ones I've seen. I guess I'll have to keep trying :)


  6. I love this dress. So cute for summer and can be worn anywhere, anytime!

  7. what a thrifty lovely outfit, the yellow pokka dot dress is so cheery!


  8. as per usual, amazing outfit, ridiculously good price! LOVE IT!

  9. I have the same sandals in black. Oddly enough they have no support but are super comfy.