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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Closet Remodel Day 8

Tuesday was the 8th day of work on the closet remodel and I am happy to say that we are almost finished now! I am so excited! I can't wait to pack that baby out!
When I got home from work last night I walked into my closet room to see the progress and I HAVE DOORS! That just makes it feel finished even though it is not quite there yet!
I love these doors because unlike other bi-fold doors I've had in the past these fold up flat when they are open. They don't obstruct your view into the closet very much at all!
 That little thing inside the closet is the stand that Dan made for the shelves to sit on so the bottom shelf isn't on the ground level. 
He's so clever!
Doesn't that look so nice! It's almost as if it was always like that! 

So today, I am going to paint the closet! Any guesses 
as to what color I chose?
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  1. I'm hella jealous of your closet, not the least of which because it's practically walk-in size by Clintonville standards. Can't wait for the reveal.

    Is your brother out for a brother of the year award or what? Wow!

    Thanks for visiting min hus. Yes, we're in Clintonville, near Graceland. Sorry that it sometimes takes me forever to respond, sadly I'm like that. :)

  2. Clos-ette Too has a new contest! Take a picture of your closet and upload it to our Facebook Page by 7/8 to win 2 sets of black shirt hangers and 1 set of pant hangers (A $50 value) from Clos-ette Too!