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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Big Closet Reveal!

Now for the moment you've been waiting almost 2 weeks for! 
Isn't she gorgeous! 
My brother is amazing! Like someone commented, he definitely deserves the brother of the year award!

This is what it looked like before:
Here are the last steps in case you are curious:
 On Wednesday I painted the closet this gorgeous shade of lavender. It is called Silverberry from Behr.
 I am so in love with this color!
 Here you can see how pretty the new purple closet looks with the green walls of the room.
 Then Thursday afternoon my husband (left) and my brother (right) installed the shelving unit that Dan built. Isn't is so cute that they dresses just alike for the occasion?
 There is the shelf in place
 Then Dan secured it to the wall!
 Then he installed the 6 hanging bars.
 I took this shot so you could see the bars all the way at the top.
Just enough space in between the bars! This closet is for tops, skirts and folded items. Then when we move the two wardrobes in, those will house all of the dresses and longer items.
Then he installed my belt racks on either side of the closet.
(racks from Ikea)
Then it was all finished! I am so excited! No more running up and down the stairs to find something to wear! No more digging through a dark, non-functional cave of a closet! I started to fill it but I didn't have time to finish so I will post pictures of that soon! It's weird, as I was putting my clothes in my closet I felt like each individual piece of clothing was all the sudden more special than it was before because it was going into this amazing closet. I'm hoping this will help me edit what I put into my closet a little better!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed the saga of my closet remodel or at least enjoyed looking at my cutie pie brother! Haha! It was a lot of fun and I feel like I learned a lot! Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. my turn. I need a closet organizer.. I am literally scared to go inside my closet. it is very scary in there!

  2. Wow! Your brother did a great job and I am super jealous! I really like the color and the belt hooks along the side are great.

  3. Love It! Awesome the color and layout!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. (second attempt to post-im not sure what happened to first one)

    I too have a room- just have to keep organizing some more and finding places for misc. items, as well as some jewelry. I dont have extra spending money, so I used all resources I had within the home alreadybesides the clothing bars and a WONDERFUL thrift store find that I spray painted :]. Hmmmm..maybe I should do a post? I dont have before and afters though.

    Need some good shoe ideas, they are currently all over :/

    Would I be able to e-mail you or text you- some other way of contact besides commenting on posts? I have officially decided to move towards a career I am passionate about ( you already know- skincare/makeup) and I would love it if you could help me with finding right school, some advice about it all, etc!

    Thanks so much beautiful! Oh and I saw a celebrity that you reminded me greatly of, I cant remember the name but will let you know as soon as I remember! She may be a model? Hmmm

  6. LOVE IT!!!! ( Ofcourse I got to see it with clothes in it last night in person) GREAT JOB!

  7. this is such a beauty! Your brother is so sweet, these are times when I wish I had a brother


  8. @Sara - not sure if this would help, but check out my blog post about shoe storage on a budget and w/limited space -

    Lindsey, I'm crazy jealous of your closet! It looks beautiful!

  9. This is literally my dream closet! Amazing :).

  10. i love it! the shelves are very nice. my brother actually installed my closet organizer too :) i should take pictures and put on my blog.

  11. Thanks so much everybody! I am so in love with it!
    I wish I could share my brother with you all!

  12. Sara- I am so excited that you are following your passions! Please email me anytime at and I can email you my phone # too! I'd love to help!
    Those shoe racks that I have are super cheap and each shelf is sold individually so you can get the exact number you need or add more later! I think i just got them at a hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot) or Target maybe? It's been a while!
    I'm so curious about my celeb look alike! You've got to let me know!