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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Shower Inspiration

I just wanted to show you a few of the highlights from the co-ed baby shower we hosted over the weekend for our friends Pami and Jacob Howell. My friend Alicia actually did most of the work, I just let her use my home. I wanted to show you some of my pictures because she did such a beautiful job on this shower! Here is the lovely hostess, Alicia:
For favors the boys got a bottle of beer:
 and the girls got a little plant from the mom-to-be's garden:
 Happy Stork Day! My clever hubby, the writer, came up with this slogan!
 Amazing strawberry cupcakes made by another friend of ours.
 Cigars for the boys, and Alicia!
 Her decorations made my house look so beautiful!
 One of our fiends, Kyle, made cantaloupe and cucumber ice cream!
 This is Jacob, the proud papa-to-be:
 And the baby boy, Judah Howell
 Fresh bean and lime salsa, kabobs, chili dogs, veggies, chips, and cupcakes- YUM!
 Pami and Jacob Howell, the proud parents-to-be telling us about their fears and emotions. Then we had to privilege of praying for them.
 adorable grandpa cardigan for Judah
 Kyle, Jacob (daddy), Watson, and Jason (my hubby)
 Me, Sara, Pami, and Alicia
Hope you enjoyed these photos. I thought it could be inspirational if anyone is planning a shower right now!
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  1. Wonderful Ideas!!
    thanks for sharing the cool co-ed shower ideas..

  2. Baby-sized grandpa cardigan might be the cutest article of clothing in existence. Looks like a beautiful baby shower!

  3. so cute...way to go my wonderful sister alicia:) oh and your house is way cute!