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Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Minutes of Fame

Well, my 2nd t.v. debut is over now! I did it! I think it went really well too! I was so much less nervous this time as compared to the last segment. It helped to be surrounded my my wonderful husband and close friends! Speaking of, my models did such an amazing job! They looked so gorgeous! 
My segment was with Amy Lutz. She was so incredibly nice and personable. I loved how sincerely excited she was about the outfits I put together and all the incredible deals I found!
 that's Amy on the far left
For the segment we did a thrift store fashion show. I dressed 4 models (friends) in clothing from thrift stores. Each outfit corresponds to a current trend. Here are some photos from us getting ready. They unfortunately didn't allow us to take photos in the news room which makes sense but I wish you could have seen the room. It looks so different than it does on t.v.!

getting ready
I love this sign!

2 of my lovely models Victoria, and Anita
My 2 other lovely models Alicia, and Sara
group picture with me in the middle
me in my $5 Marc Jacobs dress- my best find ever!
I made a list for each girl with instructions on how to put their outfits together and what order they are in

off to Production!

Thank you so much to Fox 28 for having me! And a huge thank you to  Victoria, Anita, Sara, and Alicia for getting up at the butt crack of dawn to be my models. I couldn't have done it without you! And a special thank you to my wonderful husband for your constant encouragement and for all your help with keeping me calm and helping me get ready. You are amazing!
If the segment makes it to the Fox website I will definitely post a link to it so you all can see it!
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  1. I definitely want to see the segment! Please post when you find out! :)

  2. Yay, congratulations on being on the telly (again)! Seems like a wonderfunt segment and both you and your models look so lovely.

    Much love,
    According to Annika

  3. Big congrats! Your MJ dress is so so lovely ....

  4. Congrats! Definitely let us know when it will air.

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  6. You and your models look amazing! I love your blog, it is so great that you are sharing the love of thrift. I blog about Denver thrifting at come check it out!