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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Loot from the New Volunteers of America

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend and got to celebrate with your mom or got celebrated if you are a mom! Fudge (my cat) got me nothing for the 10th consecutive year! He's so ungrateful!

So Sorry I made you wait all weekend to see what I got at the Volunteers of America grand opening last Thursday! The truth is that I work 20 hours between Friday and Saturday as an Esthetician so that doesn't leave much time for blogging on those two days. Then Sunday was Mother's Day of course and we spent the whole day traveling around to see my mom, grandma, and my husbands mother. I know excuses, excuses! Well, here it is...

 Floral dress from Moda Int. $5.99

 Tribal print dress from H&M $1.99
This dress will look great belted.

 close up on the cool print

 vintage map of Florida dress $2.99
I just fell in love with the quirky print on this tank dress!


I also love the detail on the back of the dress!

 This top is just so fun and beachy! $3.99

 amazing vintage swiss dotted tulle gown $8.99

 I don't know where I'll wear this but I will make an occasion just for this gorgeous dress!

 vintage sleeveless safari jacket $2.99

 cream eyelet lace prairie dress $3.99

white Polo jorts (jean shorts)$3.99
great piece for the white on white trend!

 Max Studio white dress $8.99

 close up on the runched detail

 brown leather braided belt originally from Neiman Marcus $3.99

 the belt looks so good with this dress!

 black leather bucket bag $4.99

 close-up on the ring detail on the purse

 It's not lingerie- it's a top! $3.99
This is great for the underwear as outerwear and the sheer fabric trends

 the back

 tribal printed top $3.99
 with braided strap detail

 Lauren Ralph Lauren crochet vest $4.99

 looks like a boring black top from the front but...

 with fun 80's throwback detail on the back! $1.99

 silk ruffles, studs, and fuchsia fabric Oh my! $5.99

 netted sequin top $1.99
Don't wait till evening to rock these sequins! They will look great with a casual short!


 floral dress $1.99
I know I have a million of these but I thought the colors in this one will look so good with my new red hair!

 the essential greige (grey + beige) short for summer! $3.99

 Bannana Republic wide leg pinstripe pant $6.99
to make my legs look long!


 I'm not Catholic but I just fell in love with this gorgeous rosary. I'm going to get it appraised because I have a feeling it's worth something. $29.99

 the evening clutch alternative $4.99

 purple suede purse $2.99
you know I love purple!

 vintage western belt $1.99

 black and white floral maxi dress $4.99


Can you believe all the great stuff I got? Like I mentioned before, I had a $100 gift certificate for doing the news spot for Volunteers of America. My total bill came to $161 and they let me take it all for free! Those VOA people are such generous and wonderful people! Thanks again VOA! I promise I didn't take ALL of the good stuff! VOA gets tons of great stuff in every day!

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  1. can i come steal your entire closet??? lol

    i love reading all of your blog posts :)

    you find some great stuff!

  2. Love the clothes!! you get all of these dry cleaned so they are pressed nicely or do you wash and iron yourself?

  3. I try to wash everything myself- even if it says dry clean only! I live on the wild side! I also have a very generous friend with a steam closet for things I don't want to wash in the washing machine. Thanks for reading!

  4. I will totally wear that swiss dot and cream lace dress! ;)

  5. gorgeous finds! I love H&M and i don't get it here in Charlotte. The nearest one is in Raleigh about 3hrs drive away! so H&M finds are always a major score!! love that white Max studio dress + belt combi too!!

    i just went thrifting today too and had a blast!! i love reading about everybody's finds!!!

  6. Holy Crap! What fabulous stuff! You have impeccable taste! And what a freaking amazing deal!