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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: Fiesta

Hello Everyone! 
Happy Memorial Day! 
I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to post today because we are working on painting our front door- finally! I mentioned we were thinking about painting our front door last summer and we are just now getting to it! Better late than never- right?! Well, as usual we thought we got everything we needed beforehand but when we took the door off the hinges we realized that the weather strip on the bottom was looking pretty sad. So my husband is off at the hardware store for the second time today picking that up. 
So I have a few minutes to show you what I wore to my best friend Kelly's Birthday party last night. She had a Mexican Fiesta themed party so I decided to go with the theme and wear my new Mexican dress that I got at Goodwill last week!

dress: Goodwill $4.99
Belt: Target $4.99
wide bracelet: gift
beaded bracelets: H&M $3.99
shoes: Target via Goodwill $3.99

Total Cost $18.96

I will post pictures of the door tomorrow! Hopefully 
everything will go O.K.!
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  1. Fantastic finds, Lindsey! Great look, I love how the belt works with the dress. We're big fans of Mexican fiestas around here!

  2. Themed parties are so fun - hope you had a great time! Loving your bright colors and those fab sandals!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Ooh, you look beautiful and so festive! I love the jewelry and belt you added to the dress.

  4. Such a lovely fun outfit! Can't believe the cost!!

  5. oo I adore your dress, I always find Mexican dresses in white so it's great that you found one in pink! I'm also digging the pinafore style of the top.

  6. ohhh... so pretty and amazing prices too. The shoes and dress are unbelievable, well done!


  7. how do you ALWAYS manage to find to such fantastic pieces! I love the dress on you, you look great!

  8. forget about it! what an adorable dress! Isn't goodwill just a little piece of heaven?