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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom to the Rescue

Hello! It's Monday again! 
After my mom read my post last week about our landscaping she called and asked if she could bring some plants over! (Yes! It worked!) No, my mom is always so great at helping me and my black thumb with gardening. So on Wednesday she cut off some of her Hosta's and brought over 6 big beautiful plants to fill in the area I dug out on the side of the house!

Here is a reminder what this area looked like before my mom came:

And here it is after she planted the 6 Hosta plants:

 Here is a close up on the hearty plants she brought:

Here's my mom planting the Hosta's:

 Then of course my mom found a few other projects to work on!

 She dug up part of our Phlox plant and transplanted it in the area where the bush was.

Then she decided to plant one more Hosta in an open space around our tree.

 Thanks Mom! You're the best!

Lookin' good!
Now I just have to remember to water everything so it will grow! It's a work in progress!

Thrifty Tip: If you have plants that spread as they grow try transplanting them to other areas of your yard instead of spending money on new plants, OR, share with friends!

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