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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: Bohemian Layers

The weather is just starting to warm up here in Columbus, Ohio so it's a perfect time for dressing in layers!

shirt dress: Converse at Target from Goodwill $3.49
vest: Target clearance rack $4.00
beaded necklace: Goodwill on High St. $1.99
black leggins: Ann Taylor via Goodwill $1.99
black suede boots: Urban Outfitters from 5years ago $80
purse: Goodwill $6.99

Total Cost: $98.46

I just love this fringed purse! Fringe is a hot trend right now but it is best done in small doses! This purse is just the right proportion and echos the outfits bohemian vibe!

What do you think of fringe? How do you like to wear it?
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  1. i love your blog and your outfit.
    im following, follow back please..

  2. I like this shirt with belt... Adorable outfit ;)

  3. I just found you and your blog on cbusr! I love it - such a great concept, i love thrifting and finding good bargains but still looking stylish!