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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Essential Jacket For Spring

I've been wanting a tan trench coat for the last couple of years. I just haven't been able to find one at the right price- you know I won't buy anything unless it's a good deal! Well, I found the perfect one in the clearance section at Old Navy!

I mentioned last week that I stopped at Old Navy on my lunch break and discovered they had their clearance at an additional 50% off which is always exciting! I expected it to be mostly leftovers from winter but to my surprise they actually had some of their pre-spring items on clearance as well! 

I was able to put together this 3 piece outfit all from the clearance section for only $18!

tan trench- $12
tan/ got pink t-shirt- $4
denim look leggins-$.43
hot pink belt- Goodwill on Morse $1.49

The only down side was that the trench was missing it's matching fabric belt. So to take it's place I grabbed a contrasting skinny belt from my closet and I think it looks way better anyway! What do you think? can you believe I got those cute denim look leggins with side zipper details for only 43 cents?!

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