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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Look for MUCH Less!

I love motorcycle jackets! Recently I've been wanting a lighter colored one that could take me into spring and give a nice edgy look to all my spring dresses like this:

I found this one online at

 Topshop Leather Saddle Stitch Jacket $310- beautiful but a bit more than I wanted to spend!

 Then yesterday I was at Forever21 shopping and while browsing through the clearance section I found and bought this:

for only $15.99!!!

Sure it's not real leather but no animals had to give their life for me to have my new jacket! Don't get me wrong, I love real leather but faux leather is actually in vogue due to vegan fashion designers like Stella McCartney and the fact that manufactures are making really convincing faux leather these days! AND faux leather is a lot cheaper so I say Hooray for that!

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